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Online Facilitator Training Course



An intensive learning experience focused on Innerdance Frameworks, Energy School, Principles of Facilitation and Practice

A 100-hour online training course.  All sessions will be held online with live zoom calls.  The next course dates are 25 April - 17 June 2023

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This 8-week course is both an intensive learning experience and a journey designed to help participants become familiar with facilitating the innerdance process. 


This course is for anyone who is:

  • new to the innerdance and curious about facilitation,

  • already experienced with the innerdance process and would like to journey deeper into the work,

  • interested to learn more about innerdance to incorporate this work with other practices, skills, modalities or professions.


There is no requirement for participants to begin facilitating after the completion of this course; participants are welcome to join the course for personal growth and development or the possibility of holding sessions at a later date in time.

About the Facilitator

Over the past decade, Serena Olsen has helped catalyze and develop innerdance as a process, language and globally growing community.  She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of this work and is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance through Energy School, soundscape creations, experiential wisdom and in-depth scientific knowledge.

Have Questions?

You are welcome to email us with any questions you may have about this course before registering.  We'll be happy to connect with you. 


Course also includes:

theory and frameworks discussed weekly via Zoom calls

video, audio and/or transcript recordings & meeting summaries for all zoom calls

multiple online sessions specific to facilitation and practice

vast library of self-study resources including videos, audios and reading materials

weekly group experience sessions & downloadable soundscapes

access to online community and network of global facilitators


  • Participants must be able to attend at least 8 out of 12 Zoom calls.  Learning the unlearning through innerdance is a co-creative process.  It involves dialogue, group sharings, and active involvement with the course materials. 

  • If you are unable to attend a live Zoom call, recordings will be made available. 

  • In the final weeks of the course, participants should be prepared to facilitate a 1:1 and small group session for friends/family during the live Zoom calls.

Sunset Over Manhattan

Time Zone 1


(8) Tuesdays &

(4) Saturdays

25 April to 17 June, 2023


Time Zone 2


(8) Wednesdays & (4) Saturdays

26 April to 17 June, 2023


Time Zone 3

Asia & Australia

(8) Thursdays &

(4) Sundays

27 April to 18 June, 2023

Time Zone

Innerdance is a widespread global process with facilitators and participants scattered all across the world.  We have made our best effort to accommodate all interested participants for this course based on the facilitator's current time zone.

**You may attend weekly sessions in whichever time zone suits your schedule best.  It does not need to be the same time zone every week.  You can also attend multiple calls in different time zones per week.**