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Here you will find a variety of innerdance recordings that are available for download and use in individual and group sessions.  


Recordings were each made with LIVE Soundscape DJing during actual innerdance sessions held in various places around the globe.  


Many tracks you find here are being used in festivals, group sessions, and spontaneous gatherings across the planet.   

Tracks on this site are downloadable in MP3 format only.  If you'd like access to high quality WAV files, please visit Bandcamp for a listing of many other tracks each downloadable in lossless quality formats.



Music, Sound & Rhythm

the language of music

The flow of sound in waves and movements is an organic happening that the innerdance has intuitively learned to follow, mimic and co-create with. 


The best DJ's in the world know how to move a room with sound.  The peaks and lulls, often heard in a masterful DJ set, signal our bodies and brains to synchronize with the rhythms, tones, textures, and keys spinning on a turntable and spilling from the speakers.  When experienced live or with a great sound system, music becomes so much more than just listening - it is both somatic and cerebral.  Music changes our brains to experience the world through both hemispheres.  It wakes up the right hemisphere to engage, become more alive and pulse with life through the non-verbal languages that pervade our subconscious, subtle body experiences, memories, and states of being.

Download Music

Since 2015, Shamanic DJ has been sharing innerdance playlists and soundscape recordings with the global community.  Her earliest recorded works, from August 2017 - September 2020, are currently available on Bandcamp.

To view, purchase and download any of her most recent soundscape recordings, collated albums, production tracks, or 8D music,

please visit the Music Purchases page.



Music is both a language and a memory system.  Before humans had the ability to speak, sounds and utterance were our first forms of verbal communication.  Basic rhythms, such as that of a heartbeat, helped our humanoid ancestors develop consciousness, language systems, and ways to remember intricate details about their surroundings, environment and changing world.  Along with impacting every living organism we know of today, the various cyclical rhythms of our planet and cosmic world also highly influenced human behavior and stages of development.  Rhythm, in all forms, combined with sound and utterance, became the first mnemonic devices to deeply impact our species and its ability to survive and grow.  Basic forms of humming, thumping, clapping, tapping, stomping, grunting, shouting, howling, and elongating vocal tones gradually shifted into synchronized expressions of family, community, and tribe.  These expressions were used for hunting, celebration, ceremony, migration, agriculture, household chores, foraging and the like.  This, in turn, led to the first songs and tonal languages that would continue to be passed down, from generation to generation, eventually leading to the spoken word. 

Our brains have an innate capacity to remember these primitive origins.  In the innerdance, participants are often seen moving their bodies in motions, that resemble ancient forms of gesture and are associated with the earliest expressions of dance, in relation to rhythm and utterance.  The language of movement also resides in the right hemisphere of the brain.  What rhythm and movement has the capacity to activate in the right hemisphere, verbal language stimulates in the left.  Our oldest humanoid ancestors were likely right-brain dominant creatures as compared to the overwhelming number of left-brain dominant homo sapiens today.  In today's world, with only few traces of the sing-song nature of vocalization, tone and protolanguage remaining, speech is the primary form of verbal communication.  The shift from song and tonal language, to pitch accent and intonation languages, altered how we listened, what we could hear, and what parts of our brain received neurological impulses and response. 


Due to the "split-brained nature" of integrating speech and gesture, and an increasingly rapid movement towards contactless forms of communication, many of our non-verbal language systems are under utilized, underdeveloped, and/or lacking in comprehensive synchronic response.  Modern humans do not notice subtle cues, micro expressions, and non-verbal gestures as quickly, accurately or intuitively as our ancestors did.  Gestures and expressions, that once were necessary for survival, are now reduced to subconscious feelings, somatic residues, and uncertainty within our bodies, emotions and sense of inner knowingness

waves and Rhythms

During an innerdance playlist or soundscape, natural rhythms occurring within the biological, planetary and cosmic cycles of time are simulated to create a synchronic experience with the music. 


Different biological rhythms directly influence the human experience through changes in the body’s physiology,  mental states and behavioral responses.  Each of these rhythms corresponds to the "24-hour clock" or "master synchronizer" running in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the brain.  The SCN is located in an information center just behind the eyes - the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is comprised of thousands of nerve cells that help synchronize the body’s functions and activities.  The pituitary and pineal glands, also found in direct relation to the hypothalamus, drive chemical and hormonal endocrine responses, while managing our daily functions, as rhythms fluctuate and change.  The most commonly known of these systems is the circadian rhythms; they influence sleep, body-temperature, and the cycles in which a number of hormones are secreted.  Other biological rhythms that affect all living organisms are diurnal, ultradian, infradian and circannual rhythms.  Based on the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum, we can hypothesize that macrocosmic oscillations also influence the entrainment process between a zeitgeber and a biological rhythm.


A significant portion of the Energy School frameworks, related to the innerdance wave, playlist creation and musical flow, describe similarities and correlations between the circadian rhythms and the innerdance experience.  These synchronizations between wave and rhythm are a foundational support to the innerdance waveflow as a type of sound technology.  During sessions, it is also common for participants to experience synchronized entrainment between planetary or galactic rhythms beyond the circadian cycles.

learn to create Soundscapes

Learn to work with a DJ app, select tracks for brainwave states, create innerdance wave transitions, layer tracks for polyphonic sound, design key progressions, use filters, produce auditory memes, sound loops and more.

This course is now available as a self-paced learning experience through recordings made during the live course sessions in early 2022. 

Learn more, click below!


Morphogenetic resonance

A set of well-defined morphogenetic behaviors, including movement, shape change, differential growth and apoptosis (programmed cell death), leads to tissue organization in cells that exhibit these functions.  Morphogenetic events extend from the organization of subcellular structures through the migration of single cells to the coordinated activity of the thousands of cells to achieve complex organization and reorganization of tissues.  These cellular and molecular level activities correlate with neurons, epithelia, and mesenchyme cells.  From a biological perspective, morphogenesis is the process by which order is created in a developing organism.  This order comes from the evolving fields that help support its organization. 


According to Rupert Sheldrake's theories on morphic resonance, the morphogenetic fields work by imposing patterns on otherwise random or indeterminate patterns of activity.  They convey a collective, instinctive memory in which each individual both draws upon and contributes to the collective memory of the species.  "Through morphic resonance, the patterns of activity in self-organizing systems are influenced by similar patterns in the past, giving each species and each kind of self-organizing system a collective memory."

In 2011, the first innerdance playlist started to circulate among the modest, yet growing, global community.  This playlist included approximately 20 songs from Pi Villaraza's music library and could be used to facilitate sessions for oneself or others.  By the year 2015, Serena Olsen had made a significant contribution to the library of music being shared with Energy School participants and aspiring facilitators.  The majority of participants who joined Energy School processes between 2015 to 2019 received access to this original library of songs and tracks that were being used to create innerdance playlists and soundscapes.  Although many facilitators also weave their own music into sessions, much of these first tracks are still used in innerdance sessions around the world today.  


One of the most inspiring phenomena of morphogenetic resonance is the ability for a species to evolve its collective memory through self-organizing systems.  In relation to the innerdance process, the global sharing of songs, playlists and music sequences, connected to the innerdance wave, has led to a growing resonance and ease of "dropping in" to the process.  Gradually, as participants continue to listen to the same songs, in similar wave patterns, resonance and collective memory will expand and evolve.  When the same patterns used to create the innerdance wave are used in other processes, modalities or practices, collective remembrance is maintained.  The growth of resonance through the morphic field phenomena means that more people will quickly and easily come into trance-like states of consciousness and the innerdance flow just by laying down and listening to the music.  Soundscape creations that have the potential to induce expanded states of consciousness are more likely to support participant resonance with the experience and the shared context of coming into remembrance and collective memory.

The science of sound

Uncover the secrets of sound in combinations, sequences, and patterns that uniquely structure the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic medicines embedded in our psyche and vibrational fields. 

An online self-study learning course that helps you tap into the magic of listening, music, and the therapeutic abilities of sound vibration to change and transform.​


STREAM Soundscapes by
Shamanic DJ

Valentine's Day Special 2021

Stream or Download the 2-hour soundscape "The Thetas"

Click the link to watch an introductory video for this Orange & Green vibratory field resonance and access the soundscape

new moon 2021

Stream the Lionsgate soundscape recorded during the 8/8 Innerdance Online Zoom Womb session.

Click the link below to tune in


Mother Energies


Stream the three unique waves of the Mother Energies soundscape.  Each wave channels specific frequencies of the Mother Energy.  These tracks were produced by Shamanic DJ, especially for Mother's Day, using AI sound technology.

The Sounds of Shamanic DJ

(Serena Olsen)

Shamanic DJ began creating innerdance playlists in mid 2012, months before she was introduced to the innerdance wave as a sound technology by Pi Villaraza.  Her background in sound started at an early age with a strong proclivity for rhythm and music.  She developed a concentrated focus playing classical violin at 10 years old.  Her teenage obsession with mp3's, and collecting music from all over the world, gradually led to her eclectic and vast sound library that created the original "IDES Tracks music folder" and through which most of her soundscapes now come to life.

In early 2017, Serena was introduced to the use of DJ apps and soon thereafter began recording her live sessions.  These first recordings gradually shifted from playlists to soundscapes.  In January 2019, just days upon returning home to the Maia Earth Village in Palawan, Philippines, after months of traveling throughout Asia and Oceania for innerdance trainings and emergence convergence gatherings, Serena was bit by a mosquito through which she contracted cerebral malaria.  At the same time, as the dis-ease was slowly compromising her immune system, she also contracted typhoid.  This combination of illnesses and fever led to a series of events including prolonged seizures, coma and a powerful near death experience.  In the earliest days of her recovery, Serena noticed her left-brain was not fully conscious.  Her verbal language centers were damaged from the malaria and, consequentially, from the prescribed medications that saved her life. 


At the same time, during the innerdance intensives that were ongoing in the ecovillage, Serena DJ'ed the majority of experience sessions.  Because she was struggling to communicate in words or social engagement with the large group of participants gathered in Maia, creating live soundscapes during the sessions was her most direct form of communication.  In an intuitive effort to "be with the group" while also DJ'ing live, Serena felt she needed to include longer pre-recorded mixes into the sessions.  Music that would already be deeply layered so she could energetically connect with participants in the moment.  This simple intention led to a profound leap in musical creations.  Over the next two years, as she slowly recovered from the cocktail of illnesses, the new sounds quickly emerging from Serena's iPad, through the confusion and fog within her body, mind and inner world, had a quality of genius and depth not yet heard or felt before in the innerdance waves. 


Through this experience, and many other coinciding traumas, Serena had tapped into something unique and special.  A gift of sound creations that she now shares with the global community and all who choose to lay down and listen.  Her soundscapes (both new and old) are used around the world by thousands of people and hundreds of facilitators who are inspired by her work, intuitive sound flows, and keen ability to tap into the moment while making these live recordings.  Her recent works study sound and deep listening through the connections between vibratory code and internal response known to permeate the field during innerdance.


One of Shamanic DJ's greatest gifts in creating live soundscapes is her ability to channel songs, tunes, melodies and lyrics that are already connected to the collective memory of the self-organizing system that evolves within the field of resonance.  During her sessions, there are many times when participants experience this phenomena.  "She played the exact song that I was singing the lyrics to in my head" or "I had that song playing on repeat for the past few days" are common forms of feedback that are recurrently shared at the end of a session.  The transference of this phenomena into sessions during which other facilitators use her recorded soundscapes is also part of this unique occurrence and special gift that Shamanic DJ offers to the global community.

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