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This year, the 8/8 Lionsgate portal coincided with the Leo New Moon.  A time of new beginnings, heart openings, abundant trust, realignments with cosmic flow, and a journey towards infinite potential. 

When the number 8 is turned horizontally, it becomes the infinity.  This day, 8/8/2021, was also the 8th Sunday of our 11-week online training course.  A synchronous merging of time, space, bodies, and beings, celebrating a remembrance, return and transition into the ancient futures of our collective destiny and the stories that write us into the infinite Now.

From No-Where to Now-Here.

May the sounds, vibrations, tones, vocals and layers of frequency in this channeled soundscape bring you deep within the heart, far into galactic time & space, and infinitely into your own sense of Home.  We re-member ourselves into the memories of timelessness, spaciousness, and the vast reaches of a Universe's brain in constant motion.  Gently held within the mind's eye and the pulsing of the one Heart within us all, we find each other, we return to ourselves, and we reunite in a sea of interconnectedness, peace and love.

Thank you for finding what is always Here.


"Pachamama, we thank you for this planet, for the abundant breath of life, and for the lessons you teach us everyday.  Great Spirit, we are blessed to receive all your gifts of creation, conception, and intention.  Cosmic Field, we honor your voice, vibrations, and connection to the infinite presence.  Ancestors, from across all spans of time and space, we are grateful for your transcendence, languages, and universal codes.  You write us into the story of being as we come together to rewrite the stories of life and dream each other into becoming.  May we always remember and be loved.  Aho"

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