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the science of sound in music therapy 

3-part course 

An ONLINE introductory course that helps you tap into the magic of listening, music, and the therapeutic abilities of sound vibration to change and transform.

Uncover the secrets of sound in combinations, sequences, and patterns that uniquely structure the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic medicines embedded in our psyche and vibrational fields. 

After this, how you listen will never be the same again!

The videos for this course are available as recordings of the zoom sessions held live with course participants in December 2020.  Each video is 3.5-4 hours long.



The brain is home to a sequence of brainwave states that directly correlate to consciousness and vibratory wisdom. These innate frequencies are harmonically aligned with both planetary and bio-physiological patterns that move in cyclical rhythms.  The Key of 7 focuses on sacred geometry aligned with the body’s internal energy response centers. These varying states, interpreted through color and key, provide a simple map for merging aspects of science and spirituality in relation to sound.


Tone is a main component in our non-verbal communication system. It wires us to various response types associated with the autonomic nervous system. When specific musical keys and instruments are combined and harmonized, the sensory-motor and cognitive processing regions of the brain can be neurologically stimulated into a magical world of varying existential intelligence and deep healing.


Signs and symbols pervade the field of visual semiotics and communication theory. Far less studied as a carrier of communicative information is audition (the power of hearing and listening). Lyrics and sounds that trigger memories hold an important key in decoding the ways we interpret and process information. The inner musical highway is a gateway towards a deeper understanding of our consciousness and the unconscious patterns that activate our neurological and vibrational response codes.

Additional Session Information

In the first 3 hours of each session, we explore the science of sound and its relationship to music therapy with dialogues, theory, and space just to listen and feel. Included are 3-4 experiential learnings on sound to help integrate the content and theories. Most sound experiences were recorded live during the zoom calls.  Each course section closes with an approximately 30-min musical meditation.  


More about this Course

Registration for this course is hosted by and sponsored by Innerdance Global LLC.  This course is not specific to innerdance and is open to anyone interested in Sound, Music Therapy, Music Creation, and Vibrational Science.  There is no direct link between participating in this course and becoming an innerdance facilitator.  No experience of innerdance is necessary to participate and, although innerdance is sometimes mentioned as a form of music therapy, its philosophy and practice is NOT covered in this course.  Additional courses that help integrate the science of sound with innerdance and music production will become available in the future.


About the Course Instructor

Serena Olsen is a sound master and creative genius who helps bridge gaps in spirituality, holistic healing, music therapy, philosophy and psychology/behavioral sciences.  Over the last 10 years, she has pioneered the evolution of innerdance through discourse, dialogic inquiry and soundscape creations.  Her musical work is used worldwide for meditation, innerdance, healing journeys and introspection.  Serena's intuitive ability to channel cellular-level vibrations is an auditory gift.  She is the Executive Director for the Self-Health Empowerment Movement, global ambassador for Transformation Medicine and co-creator of the innerdance movement.

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