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Sola Journeying

Journey into the innerdance with no one else except You. 

Enter the deeply Internal Sola Experience.

Soundscapes are available for stereo and 8D audio. 

Innerdance is a change or awareness that spontaneously rises from mechanical shifts in perception associated with personal and universal systems of interpretation and energetic shifts in resonance based on vibrational reinterpretations in heightened states of frequency and response.  Neuroplasticity is a key mechanism activated in the innerdance that potentially leads to long-term stages of growth and positive life change.

Sola Journeying

If you have any questions, or need additional support, guidance, or assistance please contact us. 

For additional support, our global network of facilitators are available for 1:1, group, and remote sessions

Sola journeying


Ready to try innerdance sola?  Here's some thoughts and suggestions to help you get started. 

Step One: Create Space

Step One: Create Space

Whenever possible, give yourself SPACE to be present in this moment. You are here for You! - let yourself enjoy that. Suggestions: Candles, incense, essential oils, low/dim lighting, quiet

Step Two: Grab a Mat

Step Two: Grab a Mat

If you are comfortable on the floor with just a yoga mat, this is great. If you need cushions or pillows - make yourself comfortable. Make space to lay down on your back, palms up.

Step Three: Speaker or Headphones

Step Three: Speaker or Headphones

REMINDER: 8D audio tracks can only be experienced with headphones! Synch up your sound. NOTE: the beginning 10min of each soundscape is designed to be lower volume than peak parts of the full length track. Adjust volume accordingly