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Find yourself in a moment of surrender, trust, vulnerability and heart through a letting go, a breaking down, and a releasing to whatever is and whatever comes.



Close your eyes and let your whole body listen.


What you see and feel come alive in this waking dream state we call the innerdance.

Innerdance Trust

The Innerdance is a global community of dreamers, musicians, artists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, healers, mothers and fathers, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, and theorists.  We come from all across the planet and have many different walks of life.  The seed of consciousness we call the Innerdance is a choice into a state of becoming that invites change, transformation, growth, and Wholeness.




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PERU - September 15 - 21

what is innerdance?

The innerdance is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway or portal towards wholeness and a deeper understanding of who and what we are.  

Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness.  


Heightened vibratory responses within brain, body and being shift elements of the unified field and its interactions with electricity, memory, emotion, collective thought, vision, resonance, and frequency.

Perceptual changes and profound insights spontaneously arise from expanded awareness and increased neuroplasticity.  Old systems of interpretation change gradually or instantaneously as a more healthy, healing, and harmonic energy moves towards greater alignment and sense of being Whole. 

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The innerdance is a process that assists participants in experiencing various depths of:


Basic and individual sessions can be as simple as finding a playlist, laying down, closing the eyes and trusting the process.  In more dynamic group sessions, electronic playlists, live instruments, sound toys and voice combine to create an immersive multi-sensory experience.  

The innerdance playlist can range from basic song to song tracks to 

Live DJ Soundscape Immersions.

By activating the circadian rhythms of sleep, low latent inhibition is maintained in a semi-wakeful state of dreamlike consciousness.  


  • trust

  • vulnerability

  • emotional release

  • unconditional love

  • spontaneous healing

  • energetic-self

  • community

  • common languaging

  • ...

    Sessions & Trainings   

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Individual & 1:1 Processes

The simplicity of innerdance means that people all across the planet can find their way into profound and immersive journeying experiences both individually and with others. 

Music and sound is an organic earth system that supports the universality and 

accessibility of innerdance - making it possible to quietly lay down wherever you are and drop in.  

One to one sessions can be supported by a trained facilitator both in person or remotely.

1:1 work can be very healing for individuals who are looking for guidance, verbal support, therapeutic touch, or energetic coaching.  Trained facilitators offer a variety of tools and techniques in combination with innerdance to customize the healing journey and overall experience. 


Group Experiences

Group experience sessions are now being facilitated in more than 70 different countries worldwide.  Over the last 10 years, innerdance has rapidly spread because of its powerful ability to catalyze significant shifts, transformations and healing in participants.  

With only one specific guideline to help initiate the process, innerdance experience sessions are different every time.  TRUST is the Key.

Group sessions have the capacity to activate frequencies within the collective that can profoundly shift reality and consciousness.

Facilitators assist in co-creating a multi-sensory environment of ambience, aroma, sound, intuitive bodywork, touch, voice, verbal cues and energy work.  The uniqueness of each 'space holder' contributes to the collective space.  Interpretations and translations vary from person to person because, we each have unique ways of expressing the sense of a universe within.

Group sessions are always held as part of trainings, immersions and workshops.


Global Synchronizations

Innerdance is progressively reaching new heights of awareness on a worldwide scale of consciousness integrations. The first global synchronization took place in December 2017 in partnership with the first One World Bearing Witness (OWBW) 24-hour event.  

In August and September 2019, innerdance global collaborators introduced the Deep Story process - an eight week learning project focused on remembering origins and developing common language, dialogic listening skills and authentic intelligence. 

We are now witnessing ourselves in another wave of new beginnings.  The innerdance global community is invited to participate in remote global synchronizations for innerdance experiences around the world happening at the exact same time with one soundscape being broadcast for all.  We're currently connecting with facilitators from across the planet who would like to co-create and collaborate on a shared space of consciousness for these sessions.  


Facilitation courses

To meet the needs of a growing international community of innerdance practitioners and participants spanning across the globe, remote and in-person training courses are now being offered. 


From 2011 to 2013, the first international facilitators were trained through an IDTT (Innerdance Teacher's Training).  In late 2013, this program transitioned to become the Innerdance Energy School.  The Energy School continued as both 5-day and 10-day retreats until late 2019. 


In early 2020, in response to the global immobilization caused by the pandemic, remote options emerged for continuing to learn the innerdance energy school frameworks and facilitation techniques.  Now, the potential to move about in more flexible ways brings us to a time when both online learning and in-person training programs are both being offered throughout the year.




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