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Over the years, innerdance has continued to evolve and grow. We now have an international community of thousands from around the globe who have trusted the process and surrendered to higher states of connection, consciousness, and energy flow. Participation comes in many forms from sessions, experiences, immersions and trainings, to workshops, festivals and gatherings, the energy school and online community projects like

Deep Story and the Remote Global Synchronizations.

Some who have been journeying with the process for many years and others who have recently dedicated time and energy to collaborations and co-creative happenings contribute greatly to the collective of shared work, materials, resources, and open source offerings.

The following resources and materials are not an exhaustive list. This represents just a portion of the many varied innerdance creations that have circulated throughout the years.  If you're looking for something specific, have questions on anything you find here, or would like more information, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Participants of this process often express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in writing, poetry, drawings, art, videos and the like. Although sharings such as these are not listed here as a resource, it can be very helpful to read the words of a participant or facilitator when discovering or learning more. Community discussions and online dialogues are encouraged as an exploration of our inner worlds and the consciousness that arises from our collective journeying. Visit our Community page for more information.  CLICK HERE


What is innerdance?

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444 Global Synchronization