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Innerdance Wales
Gwlad y Ddraig: a gathering

Gwlad y Ddraig: Land of the Dragon
An Innerdance Gathering

23 – 27 May 2024 – Wales, UK


Join us this 23-27 May 2024, at Spirit Horse, for an immersive innerdance experience deep within the lush Welsh dragon lands.  Gwlad y Ddraig: Land of the Dragon is a rewilding of body and mind, and a returning to the essence of wild nature within us all. 


In this Lunar New Year of the Dragon, let us join in community and hold space for each other as we experiment, explore, and play in a weekend of possibilities and potential.


Together in nature’s raw beauty, we enter a space for trust, openness, and willingness to journey


This gathering is an opportunity to meet, dialogue, experiment and share with each other in a fun and playful way


We invite all who currently facilitate, practice, or are interested to explore innerdance in its rainbow of colors, potentialities, and frequencies of flow.  This experience is designed to support connection, collaboration, and creative inspiration for all who attend. 


This event is not a training or immersion, there will be no frameworks or facilitation course from Serena.  It is a community gathering and shared innerdance experience.


Choose your own Story

Fairy Tale Color Outline_20-storytelling.png

Over the weekend, we will work through an Enchanted Colour Flow with various offerings related to each of the 7 chakra colours.  We will weave these experiences into the larger group dialogues and innerdance sessions.  This allows for pure potentiality as the moment births itself into creative flow with infinite possibility.

This experience is a co-creative happening, a journey into the present, the spiral of life, and magic - a place where infinite potential spontaneously arises.  This is the field of the innerdance.  In this field, we allow the moment itself to unravel and unfold. 

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In this collective container, the co-creative force of resonance and human connection supports an experience of enchantment and magic. 


This off-grid gathering, deep within secluded nature, serves to connect us with primal simplicity, roots & origins, tribal remembrance, and the stories of creatures, mystery, and human lore that lay across these lands like a mystical blanket.


In the magical forest of the Spirit Horse lands, we invite you to find inner enchantment and co-create a unique dimension of reality that only exists within deep states of creative flow – together. 


The space is open for all to attend.  We welcome you to the innerdance family and the infinite journey within.


What's Included


Basic shared accommodations

Foam mat pads will be provided.  Participants must bring their own bedding.  You are welcome to bring a tent.


All meals from dinner on Thursday night through breakfast on Monday.  Tea and coffee will be provided.

Shared Experiences

Innerdance sessions

Group dialogues

Small group activities

Sunrise/morning rituals


Evening Enchantment

Night Bazaar


Evening sessions




Fairy Tale Color Outline_2-dragon.png

A host of co-facilitators from all over the UK are ready to take you on a journey of magic and enchantment.  Through a series of small and large group sessions, offerings, and various modalities, blended with traditional innerdance, you have all the ingredients to create your own story. 

Connect to ancient mythology, the Fae, and the Dragons.  Let this powerful land hold you as you remember and revisit what breathes life into the space within the vale.  Together, we find ourselves creating collective memories that can only emerge in the moment of its spontaneous occurrence. 

In this way, the entire gathering intuitively unfolds in colours, conceptions, and creative responses to the synchronizing and harmonizing of bodies, minds, beings, and dreams. 


We become the collective vision of all that is dreamed into being. 


Why Spirit Horse?

Spirit Horse is a wild retreat centre, a village of Celtic roundhouses, yurts and tents, waterfalls, sacred fires, and temples, cradled in 200 acres of Welsh forest returning to its wild nature. 

When a great desire to re-vision community, with a collective experience of the sacred, arose in the founders of Spirit Horse, they humbly answered the call.  Their longing to truly participate in life and mystery with others provides the innerdance community with a supportive and nurturing environment for our family to return and remember ‘home’.

Spirit Horse is located just 5 hours drive from London, 3 hours from Bristol, and 2.5 hours from Birmingham or Manchester.

Wales Schedule

Thursday, 23 May

Arrival evening – directions and arrival information will be given after registration

5pm – 7pm : DINNER

7pm – 11pm : Welcoming Circle and Innerdance Experience

Friday, 24 May

6am – 7:30am : Personal practice (or guided practice*)

8am – 9am : Morning “Wake-up” activities* (guided activities offered in different locations)

9am – 10am : BREAKFAST

10am – 12pm : Community Dialogue and Innerdance Discourse

12 – 2pm : Innerdance Experience

2 – 3pm : LUNCH

3pm – 6pm : Enchanted Colour Flow* (60-90min group activities) (x2)

6:00pm – 7:30pm : DINNER

8pm until late : Evening Programme* and Night Bazaar*

Fairy Tale Color Outline_8-fairy_edited.

Saturday, 25 May

6am – 7:30am : Personal practice

8am – 9am : Morning “Wake-up” activities

9am – 10am : BREAKFAST

10am – 12pm : Community Dialogue and Innerdance Discourse

12 – 1:30pm : Enchanted Colour Flow (x1)

1:30pm – 2:30pm : LUNCH

2:30pm – 5:30pm : Enchanted Colour Flow (x2)

6pm – 7pm : DINNER

8pm until late : Evening Programme and Night Bazaar

Sunday, 26 May

6am – 7:30am : Personal practice

8am – 9am : Morning “Wake-up” activities

9am – 10am : BREAKFAST

10am – 1:00 : Enchanted Colour Flow (x2)

1pm – 2pm : LUNCH

2:30pm – 6pm : The Game*

6pm – 7pm : DINNER

8pm until late : Closing Circle and Innerdance Experience

Fairy Tale Color Outline_15-excalibur_ed

Monday, 27 May



*See below for more information

Basic Schedule


More Info


Over the course of 3 days, participants will flow through various sensory experiences from the mythical to the mystical; from the inner to the immersed.  Each enchanted colour flow session is between 60-90 minutes.  Over the 3-day journey, we will move through a series of 7 Colour Flow sessions. 

A host of co-facilitators from all over the UK are ready to take you on a journey of magic and enchantment.  Through this series of small and large group sessions, offerings, and various modalities, blended with traditional innerdance, you have all the ingredients to create your own story. 

The enchanted colour flow sessions are designed to support you on your journey towards The Game on Sunday afternoon.

Activities and spontaneous happenings in each of these Colour Flow sessions will vary from group to group.  However, a collective undercurrent of resonance is likely to support profound synchronicities in the moment.

More Info

Night Bazaar

This bazaar
manifests through
Gift Culture

Within gift culture, although financial transactions can be made, much of the beauty happens outside of monetary gains. 

You are welcome to participate in the night bazaar by bringing “gifts” that you might like to exchange for a service, offering, or session with someone during the bazaar. 

Bartering and exchanging of services is encouraged.  Many people who facilitate innerdance are also skilled in other techniques and modalities.  The night bazaar is a great time to network and share services with each other. 

Some members of the community will be interested to hold dialogue circles on various topics related to innerdance, facilitation,
story-telling, dreaming, and consciousness.


The Marketplace

This Gift Culture bazaar requires community participation to manifest. 


Throughout the evening on our 2nd & 3rd nights, various indoor & outdoor spaces will be opened for vending and service exchanges including arts & crafts, jewelry, edible delights, as well as readings, massage, mini sessions, song & dance, small group experiences, storytelling, and dialogue circles.


Participants are invited to co-create the magic of our forest nightlife through sharings, offerings, gifts, exchanges, and trades. 


What to bring?

Think: Small artisan crafts, crystals, herbal blends, home baked goods, books, oracle & tarot decks, cloth/tapestries,  signage or contact cards, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Minimalist Bazaar as transportation into the venue will be shared

Consider what you bring: Throughout this event, participant vehicles will remain at a designated parking area.  All participants, gear, and supplies will be ferried into Spirit Horse on magical forest rovers.


What to Expect


The weather in Wales is as unpredictable as the rest of the UK, so it's best to come prepared for all eventualities.  there may be highs of 17°C (63°F) and lows of 7°C (45°F).  It may be sunny, but there could be rain showers. 


May can sometimes be the start of midge season - fingers crossed we manage to avoid them!  Bring repellent, waterproofs, t-shirts, and jackets just in case.


How to


energy exchanges
Volunteer opportunities


Standard Full Price - £444

Early Bird - £350

(with payment in full)

Extended repayment is available

Avoiding online transaction fees:

To avoid the 3.5% online transaction fee, we can also accept Venmo, Wise transfer, or direct bank tranfer.  Please choose MANUAL PAYMENT at checkout to register without any payment today.  We will contact you for alternative payment options or direct bank transfer.

Price does not include:

  • Airfare to UK

  • Transportation to and from Spirit Horse

  • Any accommodations outside of Spirit Horse

  • Personal expenses

  • Gift Culture exchanges


If you are in need of economic support, please contact us for alternative payment options.  For more information please email us

For registration assistance, additional programme information, online payments, questions or general concerns, please contact:

For venue information please check

Spirit Horse

For more information in Wales, the UK, location/transportation questions, and retreat support, please contact:

Vida Belsher

FB: @vidahealing1111

traveling to spirit horse

Access to the village is solely by a four wheel drive mountain road.  Participants will be greeted in daylight hours by a team who will assist in getting you, your gear, tents, friends, and whatever else is needed, effortlessly onto site.

PLEASE NOTE: This can't happen after dark!

The magical forest rovers (4x4 vehicles) will ferry you and all your things from the carpark at the top of the mountain road.  You must arrive before dark on Thursday night, or plan to arrive on Friday morning.


Please plan ahead: You must arrive before dark on Thursday evening to receive transportation assistance onto site.  If you arrive after dark, you will need to walk down the mountain road onto site from the carpark.  Make sure you have a torch!  Not advisable to walk if you are carrying lots of gear or supplies.

Cell phone and mobile services WILL BE LIMITED.  Due to the remote nature of our venue for this event, you may not have any service at the carpark or on site.

volunteer opportunities

For those who are economically challenged but would like to attend, we are offering a 50% exchange for up to 10 hours of volunteer support for this event.  We have some options for tasks prior to and during the event so please get in touch if you'd like to help out.  Limited volunteer positions available.

Please contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

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