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with Global Catalyst and
Founder of Innerdance Trust
~Serena Olsen


25 October to 4 November & 15 - 25 November, 2021 



Over the last decade, theoretical offerings from the innerdance community have continued to evolve - constantly adapting to changes and transformations in human and planetary consciousness.  At the same time, in relation to deep history, the roots and foundations of energy dynamics, cognitive development, and a collective expression of life still remain constant and true.

Since the beginning of 2020, humanity has been experiencing a profound shift in consciousness.  Changes in states of consciousness span millions of years, while all story threads are woven into the cyclical patterns of intelligent life on this planet.  Although the repetitive cycles of change are not new to Earth, several eras of motion have led us to the Age of Information in an epoch known as the Anthropocene.  This is a time when human influence has a direct impact on the planetary balance of our global ecosystem.  Alongside geological and environmental phenomena, humans are not immune to emotional, spiritual and cognitive alterations simultaneously affecting our inner worlds and psyches as our outer world undergoes immense change.

Now is a time for recognition, negotiation and acceptance.  We are each being confronted by various challenges, shortcomings, and struggles in our personal lives and planetary existence.  We are bearing witness to the greatest illusions and weaknesses of our epoch, mindsets and global systems.  Humans are currently facing a vulnerable present and a fragile, indeterminable future.  This year -  2021, and the next few years ahead, are defining a historical moment when non-linear spaciousness finds itself at a crossroads with the structures of linear time.  What do we choose, how do we choose it, and when?



This 25 October to 4 November AND 15 - 25 November, 2021 we invite all who are interested to journey on a deep dive into innerdance to join the upcoming 11-day Facilitator Training through Energy School being held in Madrid, Spain.  Even if you are not yet ready to facilitate the innerdance process for others, you are welcome to attend this training for personal benefit and self-reflection.  The Innerdance Energy School (IDES) process is available for personal change and transformation as well as learning to facilitate 1:1, group and remote sessions.

This 11-day training will cover the foundations of Energy School, principles of facilitation, and a practical approach to creating soundscapes and innerdance playlists.  At the conclusion of this 11-day journey, participants will gain a foundational understanding of the innerdance process and experience to facilitate both online and in person.


Over the last 10 years, Serena has helped to develop and grow innerdance as a process, language and global community.  She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of this work and is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance both through the Energy School and soundscape creations.



By looking at energy concepts and learnings through the lens of neurology, physiology, psychology, ecology, quantum physics, and behavioral science, alongside more philosophical approaches including phenomenology, existentialism, cosmology, linguistics, anthropology, metaphysics, and communication studies, the Energy School is designed to both dismantle and rebuild internalized perspectives on life towards a more unified whole.


As an immersive process, innerdance is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience.  The work is different every time.  It always connects to global and galactic energies of the planet and universe as well as the personal energies of our own inner worlds.  The Energy School immersion incorporates concepts and understandings found in the innerdance frameworks and introduces participants to the innerdance through unique journeys, dialogues and sharing circles.  


Although dialogues, topics of discussion and energy flow will vary from day to day, the 11-day training will consistently draw upon energies of the current moment, old and dying perspectives from paradigms on the verge of collapse, and an immense ability for collective consciousness to transform what is stagnant, rigid, outdated, and no longer of value. As we channel, connect with and witness each other, our personal and collective shadows, the room itself, and the greater social field of interconnected human consciousness, growth, change and insight support us to feel loved, cared for, and together in the compassionate heart of Trust.

Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation for all who attend.  Innerdance immersions are not for the faint of heart or for those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being.  These processes dig deep, stir up discomfort and sometimes trigger shadows from their hiding places.


When we are ready to face all that is present, whether it yet remains hidden or has already been made visible, the innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze healing and accelerated growth.



Learn about the brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness.  Tap into the sounds and instruments that are subconsciously directing our perceptions, interpretations, and resonance fields.  Towards the end of our 11-day journey, we will explore music and the uniqueness of our own musical inclinations and sound relationships.  We will also learn how to channel the room and gain a greater understanding of the effects of sound vibration beyond our ears.

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