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Deep Listening

Deep Listening


A collection of (5) innerdance soundscapes each designed to move through long periods of delta & theta with few waves (if any) reaching into high alpha or beta.  Most tracks were recorded live during an online or in-person group session.  Tracks longer than 2-hours can be used to support sleep, yoga nidra, relaxation or deep meditations.


The following soundscapes are included with this collection:


*(2) Long Delta Soundscapes (recorded in-person)

  • The Start & the Night (02:53:18)
  • Long Nights (02:50:52)


*(2) Full Innerdance Wave Soundscapes (recorded online)

  • Rousing the Deeps (01:30:59)
  • Ancient Origins (01:38:47)



  • Specs

    Download is a .zip file with (7) .mp3 files in the unzipped folder.

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