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Innerdance PERU

MAY 7th!

Innerdance Facilitation Course & Retreat

The Green Heart

Embark on an innerdance journey of remembrance and rediscovery in the mystical beauty of Sacred Valley, Peru. 


Join us for a special

Innerdance Facilitation Course & Retreat

15 - 21 September 2024

at the Santuario campus of

Munay Sonqo Retreat & Yoga Center 

Remember your true essence; find the rhythm of your heart; and experience transformation in the sacred valley of Peru.  Immerse yourself in nature and connect with the loving-heart - munay sonqo. 


Registration is open - Early Bird until May 7!


Munay Sonqo


Connect with nature and embrace the Green heart energy of Munay Sonqo.  Experience the serenity of your surroundings in luxurious bungalows, journey through sacred experiences, and awaken your senses in the expansive yoga temple where innerdance sessions will be held.  The temple is infused with crystal energy and provides breathtaking views of mesmerizing mountainous landscapes.  Heated flooring, sprawling gardens, majestic water features, and an infinite canvas of sky add to the spaciousness and lightness of being where an openness of heart can grow and thrive.

The name, Munay Sonqo, means “Loving Heart” in Quechua, the very beautiful and poetic language of the Incas. At Munay Sonqo, a heart-felt mission creates a nurturing environment for healing, learning, regeneration, and expansion. 

Serving guests with embodied love and passion is extended to the local community and environment through regenerative practices and Munay Sonqo's social projects and NGO. They are a leading example of conscious business focusing on purpose through social and environmental responsibility - truly connecting with the heart of the land.

About Retreat

What's Included


Connection with Your Inner Being

Through daily innerdance experiences, meditation & yoga sessions, sacred moments, and connection with the land, the people, and the Green Heart energy, Munay Sonqo provides participants with a tranquil space to remember and embrace the authentic self.

*This retreat does not include Ayahuasca and does not require participation in other plant medicines;  however, we will be offering a cacao ceremony for our Heart Center day.


Sacred Experiences

This immersive course is a unique opportunity to experience and observe your inner world while tuning into the ancient and mystical realms of the Andes mountains.  Together we will explore some of the nearby sites that make the Sacred Valley so special.  This retreat includes one full-day excursion to local sites.  The facilitation course includes a meditation ceremony for the full moon on 17th September, cacao ceremony on Day 4, and a special sound journey for the Equinox. 

Other experience options are available.  Please continue reading or contact us for more information.


Facilitation Training

Throughout the comprehensive training program, participants will learn techniques and skills for facilitation, spontaneous co-creation with groups, and working one-on-one with partners.  We will explore the world of music, gain insights into the art of creating dynamic playlists, and delve deep into the fascinating science of sound.

Participants may use this training for personal growth & transformation, to facilitate innerdance sessions (either 1:1 or in groups, online or in-person), or for use with other practices and modalities.

this Retreat also IncludEs



3 abundant Vegetarian* meals per day at Santuario’s Casablanca homestead, snacks, Kangan filtered mountain water, and a selection of teas.  Munay Sonqo provides high-vibrational meals for our transformational journey together.  The produce is locally-grown, fresh, and mostly organic from the farms of Ngo Sach’a Munay, who also provide hearty organic eggs.  *Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options are available


Learn more about dining at Munay Sonqo <HERE>

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 11.43.41 AM.png


6-nights of triple-room shared accommodations in Santuario’s Casablanca homestead.  Santuario is a private campus separate from the main center, just a short one-minute stroll away.  This gives it the advantage of being completely secluded and private.  The campus has four houses, a stunning Maloka (yoga temple), massage rooms, sauna, temazcal (sweat lodge), cold plunge pool, and firepit.  The two homes on the property provide a large private dining area for the group (with chef and kitchen team), as well as living spaces each with fireplaces, gardens, and a swimming pool!  Options for single or double private and semi-private rooms are available.  


Learn more about Santuario <HERE>


additional resources

All participants will receive access to a shared group chat and online networking platform for questions, feedback, and continued community support.  Participants will also receive unlimited access* to an extensive library of online resources for innerdance and energy school, including videos, audio recordings, playlists & soundscapes, literature & media, and other relevant materials for continued growth and learning.  *Requires a member account on the innerdance trust website to access online course materials.

the Facilitators

— Serena Olsen —

Over the past decade, Serena Olsen has helped catalyze and develop innerdance as a process, language and globally growing community. She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of this work and is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance through Energy School, soundscape creations, experiential wisdom and in-depth scientific knowledge. In early 2017, Serena was introduced to the use of DJ apps and soon thereafter began recording her live sessions. These first recordings gradually shifted from playlists to soundscapes. Her previous works have studied sound and deep listening through the connections between vibratory code and internal response known to permeate the field during innerdance. She currently records as Shamanic DJ. Serena is also a reiki master, yoga teacher, wholeness & nutrition educator, Global Ecovillage Network ambassador, and life systems coach. She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Culture and Communication and a minor in Graphic Design and Technology. She is currently studying a Master's Degree in Public Health.

— Rukmani Kaur —

Rukmani was born and raised in Lima, Perú. Her lineage comes from both the indigenous communities of her Mother Land (Rainforest area and Center Mountain Range) as well as from Spain. As a kid, teenager and young adult, she suffered from depression, anxiety, self-destructive patterns as well as bulimia, anorexia and a self-distorted image. When these energies became too much for her, she entered a deep depression where she had massive suicidal tendencies. In the darkest space of her being after trying to commit suicide her light ignited in the form of a phrase, "There's gotta be more to life than suffering." This curiosity was the turning point in her journey. Life became a flow of wisdom through different teachers and experiences. She was so hungry to know what she was that she took different kinds of trainings: Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy work, innerdance, space holding, etc.; leading her to wisdom of her Ancestors and her Soul through a Kundalini Awakening. From there on, she surrendered to her channeling abilities and dedicated her life to help empower other sisters around the world.


​Innerdance is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience. Immersions connect participants to collective, planetary and galactic energies as well as the deeply personal energies of our unique inner worlds. The innerdance process is NOT a workshop! Immersions incorporate concepts and understandings from the Energy School frameworks and introduce participants to the innerdance experience through potent sound journeys, dialogues and intimate sharing circles. Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation to all who attend. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze deep healing and accelerated growth. Immersions are a co-creative process between those laying down and those offering energy support in the room. Energy support can be physical touch, instrumental sounds, words and vocals, or other non-physical forms of connection. The co-facilitators of each immersion have attended various energy school and training processes, are passionate about the work and eager to share in the magic and phenomena we have come to know as innerdance.



Singing bowls, rattles, bells and other instruments merge with electronic sounds and beats. These sounds echo at cellular levels, allowing deep healing and transformation. The body cleanses emotionally, psychologically and subconsciously, as old information rises to the surface, ready to be released. This experience catalyses inner exploration, identification, deconstruction of illusions, and unraveling of conditions. Journey through dream states, psychedelics, near death experiences, kundalini awakening, life regression, birth visions and so much more. We invite you to a shared space of trust, vulnerability, and transformation. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to initiate deep healing and accelerated growth. Participants will learn about brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness. Tap into sounds and instruments that subconsciously alter our perceptions, interpretations, and fields of resonance. Participants will explore sound, musical inclinations and playlist creation to gain a greater awareness of the effects of sound vibrations beyond our ears.


More Details


energy exchanges


Sunday, 15 september

16 & 17 September

Wednesday, 18 September

19 & 20 September

Saturday, 21 september

Standard Full Price - $1950 (includes triple shared accommodations in the Casablanca homestead)

Early Bird - $1700


(with payment in full by

15th April 2024)

Deposit to secure a spot - $500

(add-on options and room upgrades can be confirmed after deposit is made)

Payment plans are available


To avoid the 3.5% online transaction fee, we can also accept Venmo, Wise transfer, or direct bank tranfer.  Please choose MANUAL PAYMENT option at checkout to register without any payment today.

Price does not include:

  • Airfare to and from Lima

  • Transportation to and from Munay Sonqo (add-on available)

  • Any accommodations outside of Munay Sonqo

  • Personal expenses

  • Tips

  • Optional retreat add-ons


If you are in need of economic support, please contact us for alternative payment options.  For more information please email us

For registration assistance, additional course information, online payments, questions or general concerns, please contact:

For venue information please check

Santuario - Munay Sonqo

For more information in Peru, location/transportation questions and retreat support, please contact:

Rukmani Kaur

FB:  Rukmani_kaur

Insta: TheHeartAlchemista

15th September - Arrival Day

(exact times are TBD)

3pm - Greetings & Introductions

5pm - Dinner

6:30pm - Innerdance Experience Session

8.30pm - Relax and enjoy!


Partner Work

Innerdance Experience Sessions

Full Moon Meditation Ceremony

Nature Day

The Green Heart

Cacao Ceremony


Circadian Rhythms & Psychoacoustics

Innerdance Wave Flow

Playlist Creations

Departure Day

Equinox Sound Journey

Closing Circle

room upgrades

Choice of:

  • Double (Queen size or two singles)

  • Single – Limited availability

  • Double or single room with private bathroom


  • Ground transportation to and from Munay Sonqo

  • Sweat lodge

  • Qualilla Spa treatments

  • Machu Picchu: it is possible to visit Machu Picchu before or after this retreat.  There is a train stop near to Munay Sonqo that can help you reach the closest town where buses take you to Machu Picchu. 

If you would like to visit Machu Picchu with other retreat participants, we are happy to connect you with each other. 

Please contact us for more details & information on any of the add-ons above.

traveling to peru

When traveling to Peru, it is suggested to have your international flight land in Lima.  From there, you can take a connecting flight to Cusco.


The altitude in Cusco is more than 11,000 feet and is high enough above sea-level to cause altitude sickness for some people.  If you are not familiar with high altitudes, it may be best to travel directly to the Sacred Valley rather than booking accommodations in Cusco after your flight.  To help prevent altitude sickness, drink lots of water! 

Please contact us for assistance booking taxi services to Munay Sonqo.

Please plan ahead: Flights from Lima to Cusco only leave at certain times. 

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