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Free Global Event - Innerdance Live Online

An Autumnal Equinox Soundscape & Global Synch for the innerdance global community. Please RSVP for access to the Zoom Meeting ID

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Free Global Event - Innerdance Live Online
Free Global Event - Innerdance Live Online

Date & Location

Sep 23, 2021, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+7

Innerdance Trust Zoom Womb

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Find yourself in a moment of surrender, trust, vulnerability and heart through a letting go, a breaking down, and a releasing to whatever is and whatever comes.

Breathe. ​ Close your eyes and let your whole body listen.

What you see and what you feel come alive in this waking dream state we call the innerdance.


WHAT IS INNERDANCE? This is not a "dance" as you know it.

Experience  a music based self-awareness process that guides participants into expanded states of consciousness through sound, touch, inquiry and one's own willingness to trust the process where intuitive self-healing happens.

THE PROCESS Group  energy gradually moves into a collective, allowing different vibrations to flow through waves and stages - leading to potentially  transformative states of altered, trance-like consciousness that stir the inner world to come alive, be seen, witnessed, and observed through meta-conscious awareness and a deep heart-centered space of trust.

As mind and heart align in surrender, willingness and love, the  transcendent nature of life opens to exploration, communion, and  digestion of pieces from the infinite, cradled by the unknown, breathing life from the pulse of all that is yet known and still becoming kNOWn.



With  Innerdance Live, the soundscape is a living part of the journey. These soundscapes are channeled and intuitively mixed live by Shamanic DJ.

At a technical level, soundscapes are designed to take participants  through a series of brainwave flows. Vibrations support varying degrees  of rest, disintegration, release, rejuvenation and unification. As the music and sound continues to move through layers of the journey, a waking dream world opens to consciousness beyond the mundane and routine of every day life.

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