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TWO online sessions being held on SUNDAY, MAY 14 in honor of the feminine mother, sacred womb, and eternal web of life. With Live Soundscapes by Shamanic DJ. Can't make the live calls? Soundscape recordings will be available!

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Date & Location

May 14, 2023, 8:00 AM EDT – May 15, 2023, 11:00 AM EDT

Innerdance Zoom Womb

More Information

Online dialogues and journeys into the feminine mother, sacred womb, and eternal web of life.

Join us this SUNDAY, MAY 14 for a grateful giving session of innerdance online.  These two sessions will be held from the Eastern Daylight Timezone to coordinate with various parts of the world in honor of the Mother Energy - A Story of Conception & Birth Woven into Sound.  Sessions will be facilitated with live soundscaping by Shamanic DJ.  

Time Zone ONE session begins on Saturday at 8am EDT

1pm GMT

2pm CEST

7pm Bangkok

10pm Sydney

Time Zone TWO session begins on Saturday at 7pm EDT

1pm Hawaii

4pm PDT

7am Manila

9am Sydney (Monday morning)

11am Auckland (Monday  morning)

Each session will be about 2.5hrs long and includes introductions and brief participant sharings before the soundscape begins.

Soundscapes will be intuitively mixed live by Shamanic DJ (Serena Olsen) and will last approx. 75min.  Afterwards, we will close the session with participant sharings from their experiences.  


These monthly online zoom womb sessions are being offered in Wishful Gratitude - a "pay as you wish" form of reciprocity within the resonance of gift culture.  We ask for a minimum of $10 to help us cover expenses.  If you cannot reach this minimum exchange, please get in touch.  We still welcome you to join.  

Can't make it to one of the live online sessions?  Soundscape recordings are available for purchase.  Downloadable .mp3 files from the sessions are currently available for Advanced Purchase on the event ticketing page OR on the Music Purchases page of the Innerdance Trust website - starting May 15th.  

How to Join:

Once you fill in the registration form and complete your exchange, you will be sent an email with more information for logging into zoom.  The zoom log-in information will apply to both sessions.  Sign into zoom at the appropriate start time for your session.  The Zoom Womb will open approx. 10min before start time.

Tips & Suggestions to Prepare for the Session:

  • Give yourself some time before the session to find a quiet space where you can relax during the zoom call and innerdance journey.  It's best to prepare yourself a place to lay down before the zoom call begins.  
  • If you prefer, you can light incense, a candle, or use essential oils or smudge in your space to clear the air and create a tranquil aroma for you to feel calm and safe.  
  • Dim lighting is recommended during the soundscape to help your eyes stay rested.  If your space is too bright, you can also use an eye cover or blindfold during the session.  
  • If you are comfortable to lay down on the floor, a yoga mat or carpet, this can be enough.  If you need more support, you can also lay on a bed.  It is recommended not to use too many pillows or cushions behind your head during the session but if you need extra support for your body, legs, hips, knees etc you can add cushioning as needed.  You can also have a blanket or shawl nearby for additional warmth if you get cold during the session.  
  • Some people physically move around more than others so it is good to keep yourself clear of objects or furniture that might be in the way.  
  • You can use either headphones or a speaker for this session - please prepare your speaker or sound device prior to the zoom call so it is ready to go when the session starts.  
  • It is recommended not to eat a lot of food or a heavy meal before the session.  Light foods are okay but it is best to eat sparingly in the hour or two before we begin.  
  • During the soundscape, you are welcome to keep your video camera on or off.  If your connection is not stable with the video on, try turning your video camera off for a better connection.

Energy Exchanges

  • Participate in one time zone

    Participate in one of the two sessions (you pick the time zone): Time Zone 1: 8am EDT Time Zone 2: 7pm EDT

    Pay what you want
    +Service fee
    Sale ended
  • Participate in BOTH sessions

    Participate in both sessions: Time Zone 1: 8am EDT Time Zone 2: 7pm EDT

    Pay what you want
    +Service fee
    Sale ended
  • Get the Soundscapes

    Access to downloadable .mp3 files for the recordings of each live session. You do not need to attend the live zoom calls to purchase the soundscapes.

    +$0.38 service fee
    Sale ended



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