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Innerdance Training

and Immersion

August 27 - September 7, 2020

The Yoga House, Koh Phangan

Three Part Series of Innerdance Events

Join Serena Olsen and the Koh Phangan Innerdance Family during a 10-day intensive process for facilitation, immersion, and personal growth.


This three-part series of events invites beginners and experienced facilitators alike to participate in both a collective journeying and very intimate, internal process aligned with change. 


These dates include the following programs:

August 27-29
3-day Energy School Intensive

August 31-Sept 3
4-day Innerdance Immersion

September 5-7 
3-day Workshop: Creating the Sounds of Innerdance - DJ skills and making playlists for Innerdance Experience sessions

August 27 - Sept 7

10-day Innerdance Facilitator Training


Over the last decade, theoretical offerings from the innerdance community have continued to evolve - constantly adapting to changes and transformations in human and planetary consciousness. At the same time, in relation to deep history, the roots and foundations of energy dynamics, cognitive development, and a collective expression of life still remain. 

In the last six months, humanity has experienced a profound shift in consciousness. This process, spanning millions of years, is woven into the history of intelligent life on this planet. Although the perpetual existence of cyclical and revolutionary changes are not new to Earth, several eras of motion have led us to the Age of Information in an epoch known as the Anthropocene. Human influence has a direct impact on the planetary balance of our global ecosystem. Alongside very physical changes at geographical and environmental proportions, humans are not immune to emotional, spiritual and cognitive alterations simultaneously affecting our inner worlds and psyches.

Now is a time for recognition, negotiation and acceptance. We are each being confronted by various challenges, shortcomings, and downfalls in our personal lives. We are bearing witness to the greatest illusions of our epoch, mindsets and global systems. Humans are currently facing a vulnerable present and a fragile, indeterminable future. This year - 2020, and the next few years ahead, are defining a historical moment when non-linear spaciousness finds itself at a crossroads with the structures of linear time. What will we choose, how will we choose it, and when? 


EVENT descriptions



Energy School Intensive - August 27-29 

The innerdance energy school frameworks foundational understandings of science in relation to energy. By looking at energy concepts and learnings through the lens of neurology, biology, psychology, ecology, quantum physics, and the like, alongside the more philosophical reasonings for life including phenomenology, existentialism, linguistics, metaphysics, epistemology and worldview, the Energy School is designed to both dismantle and rebuild internalized perspectives on life towards a more unified whole. 

Since 2015, Serena has been one of the leading facilitators for this process. Many of innerdance’s global facilitators first began their journey with an Energy School. This 3-day intensive will cover all the basics of Energy School and prepare Facilitator Training participants for the immersion process and music training to follow. For those curious to explore the foundational structures of innerdance, this 3-day intensive will challenge you to push through your own boundaries and stretch beyond any personal limitations.




Innerdance Immersion - August 31-September 3
This 4-day journey is open for everyone (you do not need to be a participant in the facilitator training to join the 4-day immersion)


An innerdance immersion is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience. Every immersion is different and is always connected to the global, galactic and personal energies of the planet, the universe and our own inner worlds. Immersions incorporate concepts and understandings found in the frameworks of Energy School and introduce participants to the innerdance through unique journeys, dialogues and sharing circles. Each innerdance session during this immersion will be channeled Live with DJ Soundscape mixing by Serena Olsen. 

Although the dialogues, topics of discussion and energy flow will vary from day to day, the 4-day event will consistently draw upon the energies within our current moment, old and dying perspectives from paradigms on the verge of collapse, and an immense ability for collective consciousness to transform what is stagnant, rigid, outdated, and no longer of value. As we channel, connect with and witness each other, our personal and collective shadows, the room itself, and the greater social field of interconnected human consciousness, growth, change and insight support us to feel loved, cared for, and together in the compassionate heart of earth - beating as One. 

Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation for all who attend. Innerdance Immersions are not for the faint of heart or for those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. These processes dig deep, stir up discomfort and sometimes trigger shadows from their hiding places. When we are ready to face all that is present, whether it yet remains hidden or has already been seen, the innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze deep healing, profound transformation and accelerated growth.




Creating the Sounds of Innerdance - September 5-7

For the first time since she began DJing Live Innerdance Sessions and sharing her musical recordings, Serena will hold a 3-day intensive on Creating the Sounds of Innerdance. This training offers a foundational philosophy of soundscape creation, practical experience with DJing and making playlists, and an inquiry into music theory bridged with science.


Learn about the brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness. Tap into the sounds and instruments that are subconsciously directing our perceptions, interpretations, and resonance fields. Participants are invited to explore the uniqueness of their musical inclinations and sound relations while learning to channel the room and the effects of sound beyond our ears.

Participants will each receive a package of the most commonly used songs and sounds in the innerdance playlists and will also receive a music package of selected full-length innerdance recordings that can be used to facilitate sessions or personal experiences. 


Requirements: A downloadable DJ application for an iPad, tablet or mobile device. For those who need assistance deciding which app to purchase or download, please contact Serena for more information ( or WhatsApp: +66646390468). Minimum 16GB USB Stick or external hard drive for music packages (files will be transferred to you)


Facilitator Training Course
Are you interested to become an innerdance facilitator? Now is your chance! 

This August 27-September 7, Yoga House invites all who are interested in innerdance facilitation (for 1:1, group and remote sessions) to join the upcoming 10-day Facilitator Training Course conducted as a Three Part Series.

For almost a decade, Serena has helped to develop and grow innerdance into what it is today. She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of the process and is the only one able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance both through the energy school and soundscape creation process. Many global facilitators use her soundscapes for sessions, festivals and workshops worldwide.

The Three Part 10-day experience will cover the foundations of Energy School, the experiential phenomenon of an Immersion, and a very practical and grounded approach to Soundscape Creations. At the conclusion of the 10-day process, participants will gain a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to facilitate innerdance both online and in the physical.

The Yoga House is available for in-house guests!


Would you like to fully immerse yourself in this training/immersion while staying in a retreat-like setting?  
Find yourself at home in a warm and welcoming environment that invites you to leave the rest of the world for a while. At the Yoga House, you can comfortably sleep, eat, and participate in the innerdance process while knowing that you are safe to experience, rest, integrate and enjoy. The space will feel like your island home away from home!


For accommodation inquiries please contact: 
tel : +66955365002



For any event questions or inquiries, please contact

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