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This 11.11 we invite you to come together with us in the zoom womb for a special innerdance live soundscape being broadcast from the mountains of northern thailand with the Koh Phangan innerdance family.  Journey into the 11.11 portal with us and feel your way into the dance.

Join us this Wednesday 11 November for a special innerdance global synchronization.  For this auspicious 11.11 portal day of cosmic transmissions, downloads, upgrades and all other forms of lightened goodness we are happy to come together in a collective space of consciousness and love.


This is the first official zoom womb gathering for innerdance live!  Broadcasting live from the mountains of northern Thailand, a small group from the Koh Phangan innerdance family will journey into the space with Serena - who will be channeling the soundscape live through zoom both to the group in Thailand and the zoom womb at the same time.


This special 11.11 global synchronization is open for everyone.  For all those currently at home facing a second wave of lock downs, we are happy to support you!  Grab a speaker or a pair of head phones, connect with the zoom womb, lay down and close your eyes.  


If you are based somewhere in the world where a group of people could come together in the same space - we are excited to gather with all who can host and facilitate a pop-up innerdance for their communities.


For those currently residing in time zones that do not match up with our scheduled online synch time, we are happy to offer the live stream through video purchase on the innerdance trust website after the live broadcast.


As the consciousness of a planet and a species simultaneously changes we are all experiencing various waves of insight, purgation, release, sensitivity, wisdom, and deeper alignment with our authentic selves. Together in one dimension of time and space, we synch into a collective of spaciousness beyond time.

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