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Music & Playlist creation course


With Shamanic DJ

Course Details

During this 3-day creative process, participants will receive both interactive and instructional learning from the world’s first innerdance soundscape creator, Shamanic DJ.  


Learn to work with a DJ app, select tracks for brainwave states, create innerdance wave transitions, layer tracks for polyphonic sound, design key progressions, use filters, produce auditory memes, sound loops and more.


Participants will also gain a basic understanding of psychoacoustics (the scientific study of sound perception and audiology) in relation to innerdance as a form of music therapy.

About the Facilitator:
Shamanic DJ (Serena) is a sound master and creative genius who helps bridge gaps in spirituality, holistic healing, music therapy and behavioral sciences.  Over the last 10 years, she has pioneered the development of innerdance playlists and soundscape creations.  Her musical work is used worldwide for meditation, innerdance, healing journeys and introspective self inquiry.  Serena's intuitive ability to channel harmonic cellular-level frequencies is an auditory gift.

Have Questions?

You are welcome to email us with any questions you may have about this course before registering.  We'll be happy to connect with you. 


This course also includes:

A collection of tracks and wave clips designed for layering and adding effects to your soundscapes and playlists.  You will receive access to downloadable zip folders of:

  • Sound clips

  • Background tracks

  • Brainwave focus

  • Emotive music

Space to ask questions, share ideas and creations, chat about all things music, stay connected to other soundscape collaborators

Selection of video and audio content available for viewing on the course page before the zoom call dates

Course materials, zoom recordings, discussion group, audio and video resources



* Tablet or device with reliable processor and enough storage space for music (recommended 10-20Gb)

* A semi-professional or professional DJ app pre-installed on device before course begins.  The course facilitator will be using DJay Pro by Algoriddim (DJay 3 is available for trial and subscription purchase in the Apple App Store)  

* Basic familiarity with your selected DJ app before course start date (recommended knowledge: loading media & playlists, switching between tracks, advanced settings, BPM, key, filters)


Must have attended an IDES (Innerdance Energy School), Facilitator Training or Innerdance Intensive in which brainwaves, circadian rhythms and the innerdance wave were discussed in detail.  


This prerequisite enables all participants to enter the creation process with basic shared knowledge and languaging.  The course facilitator will speak in terminology directly associated with Energy School and the foundations of the innerdance wave.

**This course will not cover DJ’ing skills with computer-based software programs.**


* Basics of a DJ app - synching tracks, BPM, key, simple transitions, maintaining an innerdance wave flow  (2.5hours)

* (30min break)

* Tutorials & Group Practice (1hour)  

* Q&A (1hour)


* Layering multiple tracks with advanced DJ settings, auditory memes, sound loops, polyphonic sounds, psychoacoustic reasoning for physical/emotional sound responses (2.5hours)

* (30min break)

* Tutorials & Group Practice (1hour)

* Q&A (1hour)


* Finding a personal style, building a music library, tips for making innerdance playlists and soundscapes, creative opportunities (2hours)

* (30min break)

* Introduction to soundscape production techniques and track production with 8D technology (1.5hours)

* Q&A (1hour)

Course Participation

To purchase this online course, please visit the Online Courses page.  This course is now available as a self-paced learning experience through recordings made during the live course sessions in early 2022.

*Please note, the topics covered in this course require a basic understanding of the innerdance wave and frameworks discussed in the Innerdance Energy School.


A PREREQUISITE for this course is to have already participated in an IDES, immersion that covers innerdance frameworks, or a facilitator training course.

If you have questions, please email us at for more information.

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