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Greetings, we meet you here in community.

Hey there!  Thanks for your interest in our community. 

To gain access to our group and dialogue spaces, we ask that you please sign up first.

This community space is only just beginning.  We would love to connect and grow together with you in a safe space to share and converse.

As we continue to evolve this space, members will have access to podcasts, live streams, zoom links, and additional resources not available on the website.

Share in togetherness:

  • Connect with other members

  • Ask questions

  • Get updates

  • Host community dialogues

  • Post calendar events and group sessions

  • Join community zooms and webinars

  • Share photos & videos

  • Receive support from global facilitators



We created this space to give support for community relationships to grow without needing social media as our main platform for interaction and engagement. Our vision is to nurture the foundations of global community where dialogues, discussions, session information, and connection to global facilitators can easily be accessed and made available.

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