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Innerdance UK
Weekend Retreat


24 – 27 May 2024

Lake District, UK

Blaithwaite House, Wigton

Retreat, release, and refill, as we journey into summer and the fullness of being.

Join us for a beautiful weekend of Innerdance and Colour Flow sessions.  A unique experience using different modalities to journey and move through the Chakras.



Connect to the many Dimensions and Colours of You through all of our special offerings throughout the weekend. With more than 10 facilitators from around the world coming together to share our love and skills, you are invited to join us on a journey and receive all you need at this potent time of being.


Lie down and let the innerdance soundscapes activate your brainwaves and shift your frequency.  The innerdance is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway towards feeling wholeness and a deeper understanding of who and what We are.

Each day we will journey deeper into the energetics of our Chakra systems through what is called, Colour Flow sessions. This will allow you to connect more intimately with each chakra, gaining insights to bring into your Innerdance experiences. These activities will help you to shift through what may be blocked or out of balance to create more alignment in your life and return to your true essence. 

Leave this retreat feeling whole and embracing all parts of you. When you embrace with love, it ripples out into all areas of your life. Your relationships improve, your health, your job, and you open yourself up to more abundance. This is all available to you!

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During the innerdance, music will be created live by Shamanic DJ, and supported by a whole team of experienced Innerdance space holders.

This is a very special event, not to be missed! 

We are gathering with the intention of weaving and growing the Innerdance community, and have facilitators flying in from the USA, Spain, and coming from all corners of the UK to make magic happen. We have kept the cost as low as possible to make this accessible for all.

This retreat is for you if you are:

  • Already familiar with Innerdance,

  • Curious and willing to lie down and journey with us,

  • Craving the space and support to slow down and journey inward,

  • Feeling ready to release what is holding you back so you can embrace your power,

  • Craving a community of like-minded souls and in-person connections.  The connections you make can last a lifetime!

Check it out!

A recently published article in the BACP journal for spiritual practice

This article was written by one of our multi-talented event facilitators currently based in Scotland.

Caroline Georgiou

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Weekend Experiences

Innerdance sessions   

Group dialogues

Family Constellations



Forest Bathing

Voice Activation


Fire Pit

Medicine Song

Abundance of Nature


Basic Shared Accommodations

Sleeping in shared dorm rooms, with privacy around your bunk

Shared toilets and showers

We have exclusive use of the huge barn on the country estate

*Please bring your own yoga mat to lie on and any cosy blankets, eye masks, or pillows you might want to use during the sessions



Breakfast and Dinner

We invite you to bring your own snacks for lunch

A large kitchen is available



Blaithwaite House, Wigton CA7 0AZ

Closest Train Station is Carlisle


Closest Airports are Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow


If you need transport we can try to assist with car sharing, or pick ups from train etc.


Please visit Blaithwaite House

Energy Exchanges

Price - £222

Payment plans are available if needed

Hi there!  Quick note about our registration process: When you click the "registration form" button below, you will be guided to an external link.  We were having some technical issues with currency conversions on this site.  To avoid these issues, payments and registration are available on Vida's website.  :)

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Payment plans are available.  Please see our registration page for more details.  Please register here:

For registration assistance, additional programme information, questions or general concerns, please contact:

For more information on location/transportation, accommodation questions and retreat support, please contact:

Vida Belsher

FB: Vida B FamilyConstellations

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