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Koh Phangan

Innerdance Facilitation Course & Immersion
Movements in the Waking Dream


In-person training & Immersion
Yoga HousE

Koh Phangan, Thailand
5-Day Immersion
3 - 7 August 2023
11-day (100hr) Facilitation Course & Energy school
3 - 13 August 2023

In the innerdance, intentions towards harmonic resonance create space for reflexive observation, heightened awareness and regenerative states of Wholeness. 


The innerdance provides a safe space for curious exploration, deep inquiry and insight, and profound shifts in awareness both internally and externally.  For all who choose to courageously lay down, close their eyes and trust, this process offers an intimate and collective experience both for the innermost depths of the soul and the farthest reaches of human consciousness.


5-day immersion

This immersion will be held 3 - 7 August 2023 in Koh Phangan, Thailand at The Yoga House.  The 5-day journey will be conducted as a deep immersion into the innerdance process. 

The immersion is being held in tandem with the 11-day facilitation course.

This immersion is for anyone:

  • new to the innerdance who is curious to experientially explore the process,

  • already experienced with the innerdance who would like to journey deeper into the work,

  • going through a self-healing process, personal transformation, or spiritual awakening who would like support for insight, integration and/or deeper clarity on their journey

  • interested to experience personal growth and development

Through the Foundations of Energy School, participants gain a fundamental understanding of the innerdance process.  Through daily innerdance experience sessions, dialogue, rituals and sharings, participants immerse themselves into the present moment, the essence of being, and the infinite spaciousness of becoming.

Participants who would like to continue diving deeper into the innerdance frameworks or have interest in the music, soundscapes or elements of facilitation are encouraged to stay for the 11-day (100hr) facilitation course & energy school.  Participants will have the option to join the full 11-day course at the end of the 5-day immersion.

100Hr Facilitation COURSE & Energy School

Movements in the Waking Dream will be held 3 - 13 August 2023 in Koh Phangan, Thailand at The Yoga House.  The 11-day (100 hour) journey will be conducted as both an intensive learning experience and a deep immersion into the innerdance process.

This course is for anyone who is:

  • new to the innerdance and curious to learn more about the process and/or facilitation,

  • already experienced with the innerdance and would like to journey deeper into the work,

  • interested to incorporate this work with other practices, skills, modalities or professions,

  • interested to include innerdance frameworks when facilitating workshops, retreats or immersions.

Through the Foundations of Energy School, Principles of Facilitation, and a practical approach to the Innerdance Playlists, participants gain a fundamental understanding of the innerdance process and significant experience to facilitate both online and in-person.

There is no requirement for participants to begin facilitating after the completion of this course; participants are welcome to join the course for personal growth and development or the possibility of holding sessions at a later date in time.




Over the past decade, Serena Olsen has helped catalyze and develop innerdance as a process, language and globally growing community.  She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of this work and is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance through Energy School, soundscape creations, experiential wisdom and in-depth scientific knowledge.  Read more



Other co-facilitators will be present in the space throughout the immersion to assist with group experience sessions, ceremonies, activities, demos, 1:1 support and personal questions.  All co-facilitators have previously collaborated with Serena during trainings or immersions and have international experience facilitating the innerdance process. 

Interested in Co-Facilitating?

If you have previously attended one of the Koh Phangan Immersions or Facilitation Courses and would like to be considered for participation in either the 5-day immersion or 11-day course, with the option to co-facilitate during the group experience sessions, please connect with us. 

Email us for more information and co-facilitator energy exchanges.



The evolution of consciousness spans over many thousands of years. Our collective story is woven into the cyclical patterns of life on this planet. Although profound cycles of change are innate to Earth, this massive cosmic rock has remained in a state of "ice equilibrium" for the last 11,700 years. The last ice age marked the end of a glacial epoch and the beginning of the Holocene. Since then, humans have experienced rapid states of conscious growth leading to awakening and diverse spirituality, and the modern day world of AI and mass extended cognition. Several eras of warm climates and collective motion around the sun quickly turned into a species induced information age in an epoch known as the Anthropocene or "The Age of Man". For the first time, in the history of Earth known to man, the shifting consciousness of a species is shifting the entire consciousness of a planet. As the consciousness of Earth changes to prepare for a new epoch, so does that of Homo sapiens.



Humans currently face a vulnerable present and a fragile, indeterminable future. What do we choose, how do we choose it, and when? According to Newton's third law of motion, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In the motions and movements of consciousness, actions and reactions occur paradoxically both within and with-all. Who and what are we? What is the Authentic Intelligence within that is One with the Divine Intelligence with-all? How are we both 'alone' and 'all-one'? When the intention behind the action is resonant and harmonic, reactions amplify actions in backwards causality. At an individual level, movements within consciousness require patience and dedicated space for integration. At a collective level, personal integration and insight paves the path for greater global stabilization within the Cosmic Whole. The next years ahead define a critical window in the evolution of consciousness when non-linear spaciousness and the foundations of linear time converge in conversation. In this waking dreamworld of signs, symbols, synchronicity and infinite potential, what will emerge in dialogue?



By looking at energy concepts through a variety of lenses including neurology, physiology, behavioral & social sciences, ecology, and quantum physics, alongside more philosophical approaches including epistemology, metaphysics, and communication studies, the Energy School is designed to both dismantle and rebuild internalized perspectives on life towards a more unified whole.  It supports a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, each other and our world through embedded wisdom and a deeper understanding of Wholeness Systems. 


Through both direct knowledge and experiential learning, the Energy School process invites participants to inquisitively think, holistically feel and alchemically become one.  Energy School empowers participants to activate and remember the innate healing capacity within each and every one of us.

Energy School


Innerdance is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience. Immersions connect participants to collective, planetary and galactic energies as well as the deeply personal energies of our unique inner worlds. The innerdance process is NOT a workshop! Immersions incorporate concepts and understandings from the Energy School frameworks and introduce participants to the innerdance experience through potent sound journeys, dialogues and intimate sharing circles. Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation to all who attend. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze deep healing and accelerated growth. Immersions are a co-creative process between those laying down and those offering energy support in the room. Energy support can be physical touch, instrumental sounds, words and vocals, or other non-physical forms of connection. The co-facilitators of each immersion have attended various energy school and training processes, are passionate about the work and eager to share in the magic and phenomena we have come to know as innerdance.



Participants will learn about brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness.  Tap into sounds and instruments that subconsciously alter our perceptions, interpretations, and fields of resonance.  Participants will explore sound, musical inclinations and playlist creation to gain a greater awareness of the effects of sound vibrations beyond our ears.


About The Venue

Surrounded by nature in a private and intimate setting, the Yoga House is now open as a specialty vegetarian/vegan restaurant, community space and holistic home for wellness, yoga, detox, special events and more.

**The Yoga House is OPEN for accommodations**

Private and shared rooms are available.

If you would like to reserve a room for your stay in Koh Phangan during the course, please contact the Yoga House.


The 5-day schedule is designed to energetically progress through the Key of 7, coordinating colors with corresponding frequencies and intentions.

Before meals, daily sessions include check-ins, theory, dialogue, demos and mini-experience sessions.

After meals, we gather for Q&A and the innerdance experience.  This can include partner work or group experience sessions.  Most days will end with a reintegration circle.

5-Day Immersion Schedule

3 & 4 August

3pm - 10pm (includes dinner)

5 & 6 August

10am - 7pm (includes lunch)

7 August

3pm - 10pm (includes dinner)


Other activities included with the course:

  • Nature Day (weather permitting)

  • Ceremony & Ritual

  • Meditations

  • Partner work


The 11-day schedule is designed to energetically progress through the Key of 7, coordinating colors with corresponding frequencies and intentions.

Before meals, daily sessions include check-ins, lectures, theory, dialogue, demos and mini-experience sessions.

After meals, we gather for Q&A and the innerdance experience.  This can include partner work, group work, or group experience sessions.  Most days will end with reintegration sharings and insights.

11-Day (100hr)
Course Schedule

3 & 4 August

3pm - 10pm (includes dinner)

5 & 6 August

10am - 7pm (includes lunch)

7 - 11 August

3pm - 10pm (includes dinner)

12 & 13 August

10am - 7pm (includes lunch)


Other activities included with the course:

  • Nature Day

  • Ceremony & Ritual

  • Meditations

  • Overnight Experiment

  • "Invite a Friend" Group Experience

  • Additional Practices and Techniques

Course Schedule

Energy exchanges


What's Included

Koh Phangan Locals

If you have been living in Koh Phangan for at least 6mo

or have a long-term visa for Thailand and would like to attend, please contact Ebe Chan for more information on our LOCALS DISCOUNT

Ebe Chan

FB: @heartlife0112

Insta: yogabyebe

Regional Natives

If you are native to the Asiatic region and would like to attend, please email us for additional low cost payment options & alternative energy exchanges if you cannot afford these rates



15% off

all payments in full

by 1st of June 2023


5-day Immersion:

Full Price - ฿‎20000

Repayment options available

5% discount

single payments in full

11-day (100hr) Facilitation Course:

Full Price - ฿‎32500

Repayment options available

5% discount

single payments in full



If you are in need of economic support, please contact us for alternative payment options.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available for course participants only. 

For registration assistance, additional course information, online payments, questions or general concerns, please contact:

For more information on a LOCALS DISCOUNT, making payments in-person or local bank transfers, please contact Ebe:

Ebe Chan

FB: @heartlife0112

Insta: yogabyebe


  • Dinner each weeknight

  • Lunch on weekends 


All food is lovingly prepared by The Yoga House Cafe.  Please inform the Cafe of any dietary restrictions or needs. Raw food/fasting options available by request. 


All participants will receive access to a shared group chat and online networking platform for questions, feedback, and continued community support.

Participants in the 11-day (100hr) Facilitation Course will also receive unlimited access* to an extensive library of online resources for innerdance and energy school, including videos, audio recordings, playlists & soundscapes, literature & media, and other relevant materials for continued growth and learning.

*Requires registering a personal account on the innerdance trust website to access online course materials

For more information please email

For more information in Thailand, location/transportation questions and accommodation support, please contact our Support Coordinator:

Vida Belsher

FB: @vidahealing1111 


To reserve accommodations at the Yoga House





Phone: +66 (0) 95 536 5002

Phone: +66 (0) 97 164 0882

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