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Greetings, we meet you here in community.

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We created this space to give support for community relationships to grow without needing social media as our main platform for interaction and engagement. Our vision is to nurture the foundations of global community where dialogues, discussions, session information, and connection to global facilitators can easily be accessed and made available.

While finding ourselves in a global response to more remote ways of perceiving connection, we are at an ideal time to sense into the dynamics of human consciousness, truly finding ourselves in Collectivity and Oneness. The phenomenal, mystical, magical and miraculous happenings within the collective represent a thread of dreamcode embedded in our psyche and conscious vibration tethered to the realms of both spirit and human form. A dance between the polarities and an integration of these energies in every moment. Innerdance ferries us towards the gateway of experience. Experience the dream as though awake, trust from the heart and feel with all the creativity of a universe's womb.

This group is currently in a stage of infancy and delta-like frequency. We hope to see this grow into a blooming, diverse community in the upcoming months and years. Thanks for your interest to be involved - we hope you will take the time to participate and engage.


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  • April 13, 2020


  • Serena Olsen

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