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IDEswitzerland - Awaken the Dancer Within

Energy School 2024 - Level 1 (13.-17.7.) and 2 (19.-21.7.)

IDEswitzerland - Awaken the Dancer Within
IDEswitzerland - Awaken the Dancer Within

Orario & Sede

19 lug 2024, 09:00 – 21 lug 2024, 17:00

Wetzikon, Wetzikon, Switzerland

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IDEswitzerland - Awaken the Dancer Within

Who can participate?

This advanced course is open for those who have already attended an IDES facilitator training with Sev, or any of Serena’s global facilitation courses and energy schools, or her facilitation retreats & immersions.  If you have previously worked with a different innerdance facilitator and would like to be considered to attend, please contact us.


Wholeness Mapping & Transformation Medicine

Transformaton Medicine (TM) is a specific example of Wholeness Mapping related to health and well-being. From the Key of 7 we move into Wholeness and the Key of the Infinite; the number 8. From here, we will explore TM as understood through consciousness of the Infinite, the Whole, and the Dimension of Color.  Frequencies, vibrations, and perceptions will be mapped through color-relations and body wisdom.  TM is not a cure; it is an approach to wholeness and well-being.  A way of connecting with the  body through informational pathways that hold secrets to our life worlds.  Connecting with this inner map helps us understand the workings of the energy centers within us.  Together we will look at how we can use whole systems and the Key of 7 as tools towards Wholeness Health and a regenerative sense of life.  As facilitators, you will find these tools especially helpful for working directly with 1:1 clients and in your own personal life.


The Science of Sound

We begin by examining the innerdance in relation to sleep cycles, circadian rhythms, and the central nervous system.  We also review the waveform through the Dimension of Color, stages of development & transformation, and brainwave states.  In the innerdance, synchronizations between wave and rhythm are foundational to the waveflow as a type of sound technology.  We will also discuss synchronized entrainment between planetary and galactic rhythms beyond  the circadian cycles.  Once all the pieces are in place, we shift into sound itself.  Sound is a creative force of frequency transported through the passageways of our ears, and translated through the mind, the mind’s eye, and the soul.  Sound moves us.  It is often through sound that beings first discover the flow of energy within them that awakens them to a movement that comes before the thought to move.  In some cultures, this powerful form of spontaneous movement is seen as a direct connection to the divine.  For others, it represents the remembrance of  the collective pulse, harmonizing with body, mind, spirit, and soul.  In  the innerdance, we work with sound through beat, breath, instrumentation, experience, and bodywork.  We will explore the innerdance process through sound and group facilitation, both with and without music.​


All-Nighter: An Experiment

Over the past few years, Serena has been offering a unique innerdance experience for all participants of in-person facilitation courses and trainings. The experiment begins around 10pm and continues til about sunrise.  Participants are invited to journey into states and stages of sleep, dreaming, and dreaming awake through a nocturnal process that correlates most with delta and theta waves.  This experience often helps participants to slow down.  Since the innerdance happens over much longer than 60-90 minutes, it offers an extended period of gentle slowness that can really help stretch things out.


Psychoacoustics & Soundscape Making

Music is both a language and a memory system.  Basic rhythms, such as that of a heartbeat, helped our humanoid ancestors develop consciousness, language systems, and ways to remember intricate details about their surroundings, environment and changing world.  Rhythm, combined with sound and utterance, became the first mnemonic devices to deeply impact our species and its ability to survive and grow.  This, in turn, led to the first songs and tonal languages that would continue to be passed down, from generation to generation, eventually leading to the spoken word.  The shift from song and tonal language, to pitch accent and intonation languages, altered how we listened, what we could hear, and what parts of our brain received neurological impulses and response.  Modern humans do not notice subtle cues, micro expressions, and non-verbal gestures as quickly, accurately, or intuitively as our ancestors did.  Gestures and expressions, that once were necessary for survival, are now reduced to subconscious feelings, somatic residues, and discomforts or restlessness within our bodies, emotions, and sense of being.  Understanding psychoacoustics helps us decode the auditory stimuli that lead to neurological responses and the psychological and physiological reactions that follow.  We will explore various correlations between sound and mind; and look at different ways to construct soundscapes, using the foundations of psychoacoustics and brainwave states as building blocks for sound creation.​


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