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By downloading this MP3 file you agree to have read and understood these terms and conditions prior to listening.  


Please do not operate any heavy machinery or attempt to drive a vehicle directly after listening to this track.  Give yourself time to rest, adjust, and integrate after you listen.  Drinking water after listening is highly recommended.  Although this soundscape does not have any explicit lyrics, it does include some sounds that may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 18.  


PLEASE NOTE: HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED TO HEAR THE 8D EFFECT.  The better your headphones, the more depth of sound and vibration you will hear and feel.​


Please note that the disruptive sounds are intentional but they are unlikely to actually be what the mind has the capacity to imagine.  Your imagination and internal ability to personally interpret sounds is very powerful.  Please be aware that this is an integral part of the journey that the soundscape channels.  The combination of frequencies included in this soundscape with the profound ability of innerdance to lead to cathartic release may lead your body and mind feel very different in the hours or days post listening. After a powerful innerdance experience, it is not uncommon for some people to feel nausea, headache, slight fever, other digestive discomforts or emotional imbalance.  If you do experience any of these symptoms, please give the energy time and space to settle.  It may take time for your body to find new homeostasis after the experience.  If at any time you need support or further guidance, please contact us.​


This soundscape was channeled during a production process that includes  several unique sound creations (no DJ'ing) and a fully customized 8D integration.  Some parts of the soundscape do weave together other artists work.  This soundscape is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  If you are interested to use any part of this track for facilitation or your own DJ mixing please contact Serena for further permissions.   

  • Additional Track Info

    This soundscape is a journey through space and time.  It is deeply connected to the energies of the planet at this time (December 2020).  The first part of the track is designed to flow with the energy of the Solar Eclipse that met with the New Moon of December 14.  In ancient times, a solar eclipse was a time of balance between the shadow world and the return of the light.  It was a time to beat drums, dance, and release fears in ritualistic initiation.  Winter Solstice has always been a celebration of both the dark and the return of the light.  This track also includes NASA recordings of Jupiter and Saturn.  The unfamiliar "white noise" is designed to connect listeners with the frequencies of these planets and the emergence of a new age.  The soundscape is also deeply connected with sound creations from the Deep Story process of 2019.  Much of what Serena channeled through the Deep Story soundscapes comes full circle in this final soundscape production of 2020.  ​

    The track is designed to challenge the personal and internal conscious and unconscious boundaries between music and noise.  It uses a mix of high pitched and sharp sounds with low frequency tones, oscillations, and progressions.  Through the 8D technology, sounds will also seem to both move around the head from left to right and near to far.  Not all sounds will be heard at the same volume.  

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