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Welcome to the Future.  

This Future isn't so much a place as it is a State of Mind. Close your Eyes and Breathe Deeply.


The voice you hear is not just your own.  

It is a Collective Pulse.


The innerdance is a space for connection and remembrance.  It ferries us into the collective, ushering in a common language of humanity and an intimate conversation with Source.  We become.  


As universal states of consciousness and alignment with innate values deepen across the globe, we are noticing how little, if anything, actually separates us from each other and the Whole.  


Have you wondered lately, are these thoughts and feelings actually mine?  Am I currently thinking someone else's previous thoughts?  It's a lot to take in - we are literally taking in Everything and Everyone in Every Moment.

What is in your dreams?  Are they changing?  Are you experiencing dreams differently?

Let's look at How We Dream Together.  

Life is a Cosmic Constellation of Wisdom deeply rooted in astrological alignments and the conscious removal of unconscious patterns hiding the roots of our ancestral baggages and current life choices.  Across the globe, we are seeing the tension in these latter parts rising to the surface and reaching the Red.  An expression of balance as the Violet is opening simultaneously.  Collectively, we cannot shift beyond the Violet without first working through humanity's issues in the Red. How this is harmonized within will be different for everyone. 


How does this relate to innerdance?

Well, more than a modality or practice, innerdance is a way of life - it is a state of mind and being.  Trusting our hearts, creatively speaking our truths, seeing ourselves and each other fully, and feeling Divine Connection, is perhaps a very powerful form of modern day enlightenment.  The innerdance experience is a gateway or threshold through which we communicate with the Infinite.  It holds us - so that we might together tread a Path Towards Wholeness.

About this Immersion:

In this 3-day immersion, we start with the 7th Structure (Crown Chakra) and move into the social dream matrix Above the Crown. This is the dreamspace. A world of "red pill" takers and like-hearted souls who connect with this collective realm of mystery, shadow and bliss. Here, together, we dive into the dream. Along with daily innerdance experience sessions, we will connect with our dreams through various techniques - including integrative Family Constellation Techniques guided by Vida Belsher.

About the Facilitators:

Serena Olsen

Click Here to Read More about Serena

Vida Belsher
Vida is an extremely passionate Family Constellations Therapist, and is dedicated to working deeply with the Ancestral Line to bring healing, honour and balance, for the personal and the Collective.

Many events and emotions are hidden in the shadows, and Vida works intently to show what is unseen, so we can give it place and honour, without judgement. She has previously held specific events focusing on Abortion and Miscarriage, The Mother Wound, Masculine/Feminine Energy Balancing, and is now moving in to working on larger, Collective issues.

She combines this work with other modalities such as Sister Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Abdominal Detox Massage, Womb Clearing, Tantric Yoni Massage, Reiki, and more recently Innerdance, after training with Serena last year.

Vida spends most of her time between her Native Scotland, Thailand and Australia. The last year has been a pilgrimage of deep ancestral connection to the sacred and energetic sites around Scotland and Europe. Working with ancient Stone Circles, Ley Lines, and Sacred Geometry Meditation, she has woven a new story... which starts with the old one.


What to expect?


Yoga House, Koh Phangan


10:30 - 6:30  *with delicious Vegan Buffet Lunch included @ lunch break*

Suggestions on What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, notebook, pen or drawing colors, recording device (you are welcome to record the talks and dialogues) sarong for light cover, eye cover, sound toys or small instruments, crystals, oracle cards, usb stick or hard drive for innerdance soundscapes* 

*(soundscapes are for facilitation and sola journeying and are available to participants at a discount)


  • 3 days of the best vegan salads and buffet dishes on the island!

  • Access to downloadable files for any innerdance tracks recorded during the immersion.

       (3-4 soundscapes total)

  • At least one innerdance Live experience session each day

  • Diverse and creative exploration of energy work, partner work, and tools for inner transformation

  • Option to purchase additional soundscapes in discounted sound packages

What might the daily schedule look like?

OKAY - FIRST... Please Don't Quote Us on Time!

This is a fluid process and we do not keep strictly to any exact times. We follow the flow and move when it feels time.


10:30-11 - Check-ins and sharings

11-12:30 - Talks and dialogue

12:30-12:50 - BREAK

12:50-2 - Continue dialogue/demos/questions/short morning session

2-3:30 - LUNCH

3:30-4 - Questions

4-5:45 - Afternoon session

5:45-6:30 - Closing circle

Need Accommodations?

The Yoga House is OPEN for accommodations!  Would you like to stay a few nights in the luxury Balinese style retreat home we are using for this immersion?  There are several amazing rooms available (and don't forget the refreshing pool and magical garden for relaxation and integration).  Contact information below.

Venue Contact:

The Yoga House

Event Contact:

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