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catskills mountains retreat new york state weekend in may innerdance immersion in-person


Innerdance Weekend Immersion & Retreat
In-Person Introduction to the Process

In-Person weekend Immersion

Catskills Mountains
new york,

5 - 7 May, 2023

The innerdance is both an experiential unlearning process and a way of life that correlates regenerative states of Wholeness with expanded states of consciousness.


Innerdance, as a practice, provides a safe space for curious exploration, deep inquiry, insight, and profound shifts in awareness both internally and externally.  This introductory weekend is an intensive in-person immersion to help orient people with this work in an intimate retreat setting. 


Join us in the catskills

This introductory weekend will be held 5-7 May, 2023 in Walton, New York at a private retreat venue in the Catskills Mountains.  The 3-day journey will be conducted as both an intensive unlearning experience and an in-person immersion into the innerdance process.

This retreat is for anyone who is:

  • new to the innerdance and curious to learn more about the process,

  • already experienced with the innerdance and would like to personally journey deeper into the work,

  • interested to experience the innerdance with an in-person group

  • interested to explore the innerdance with the possibility to join a future facilitation course or training program

Participants are welcome to join this immersion for personal growth and development or to gain in-person experience with a curiosity to facilitate this work at a later point in time.  This immersion will help all participants explore the innerdance process in experiential ways including group sessions, partner work, ceremony and dialogue.


By looking at energy concepts through a variety of lenses including neurology, physiology, behavioral & social sciences, ecology, and quantum physics, alongside more philosophical approaches including epistemology, metaphysics, and communication studies, the Energy School is designed to both dismantle and rebuild internalized perspectives on life towards a more unified whole.


It supports a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, each other and our world through embedded wisdom and a deeper understanding of Wholeness Systems.  Through both direct knowledge and experiential learning, the Energy School process invites participants to inquisitively think, holistically feel and alchemically become one.


Energy School empowers participants to activate and remember the innate healing capacity and expanded consciousness within each and every one of us.



Innerdance is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience. Immersions connect participants to collective, planetary and galactic energies as well as the deeply personal energies of our unique inner worlds.


The innerdance process is NOT a workshop! Immersions incorporate concepts and understandings from the Energy School frameworks and introduce participants to the innerdance experience through potent sound journeys, dialogues and intimate sharing circles. Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation to all who attend. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze deep healing, accelerated growth and profound shifts in consciousness.


Immersions are a co-creative process between those laying down and those offering energy support in the room. Energy support can be physical touch, instrumental sounds, words and vocals, or other non-physical forms of connection.


Serena Olsen

Since 2012, Serena has helped catalyze and develop innerdance as a process, language and globally growing community.  She was introduced to the process, as shared by Pi Villaraza, just 4 years after he began to spread his work.  She directly supported his work and the Maia Earth Village Community for many years.


Serena is one of the most experienced and highly sought after global facilitators of innerdance.  She is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the process through Energy School, Wholeness Systems, experiential wisdom, pattern-based thinking, in-depth scientific knowledge and dialogic states of expanded consciousness. 


In the last 4 years, Serena has also mastered the art of soundscape creations as she is able to create live, intuitively channeled musical landscapes that transport participants into other worldly dimensions and deeply immersive sound journeying experiences.

Holding Hands


Bre Jenkins

After nearly 10 years of working in the wellness space, Certified Health Coach Bre Jenkins started looking for something deeper. Turning to energy healing and psychedelic medicine, Bre shifted her focus to support deep healing and personal expansion through deeper awareness of the mind and body.


With certifications in Reiki 1, 2, & 3, Inner Dance, Psychedelic Integration, and more, her work has been featured in major publications such as Spirit & Flesh magazine and The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Bre is also a significant voice in the psychedelics space, contributing to well-known psychedelic platforms such as Doubleblind Magazine, The Ancestor Project, Field Trip Health, and Third Wave Psychedelics. Bre performs this work through her personal experience and professional training to bring forth collective resonance and humanize spirituality.


This is a tentative schedule.  Times are listed as a general estimate for each of the retreat days.  Actual times may differ slightly (or significantly) depending on the flow of the group, the intensity of the sessions and the need for longer/shorter periods of dialogue, experience or rest.  The facilitator for this retreat will do her best to adhere to this basic schedule but will also allow each day to be an intuitively timeless process.

friday, 5 may

Saturday, 6 may

Sunday, 7 may

DAY 1 - Arrival Day

1pm - Greetings & Introductions

2pm - Introduction to Innerdance (History, Process, Flow of Consciousness)

3pm - Demonstrations

4pm - First Group Experience Session & Sharing Circle

6pm - Dinner

8pm - Opening Night Fire Circle

DAY 2 - Full Day Intensive

5:30am - Sunrise Meditation or Yoga Practice (optional)

7-8:30am - Rolling Breakfast (eat when you like)

9am - Morning Check-in and Sharings

9:45am - Introduction to Innerdance Frameworks and Energy School

12pm - Lunch break

1:30pm - Demonstrations

2:30pm - Afternoon Group Experience Session & Sharing Circle

6pm - Dinner

8pm - Sound Bath and Deep Listening Journey

10pm - Fire & Sharing Circle (optional)

DAY 3 - Departure Day

5:30am - Sunrise Meditation or Yoga Practice (optional)

7-8:30am - Rolling Breakfast (eat when you like)

9am - Check-ins, Sharings and Q&A

10:30am - Introduction to Partner Work

11am - Partner Work Sessions & Closing Circle

2pm - Lunch

3pm - Departure


Energy exchange
what's included

Full Price - $450

Payment options available


10% off payments in full

by 1st of April, 2023


If you are in need of economic support, please contact us for alternative payment options.  If you are unable to pay the full cost of this retreat, we have a few discounted spaces available with a volunteer exchange.


For more information please email us


  • Shared dual-level accommodations in dormitory style rooms (A couple of private rooms are available upon request [additional fee required])

  • Vegetarian Dinner on Day 1 & 2

  • Continental-style "self serve" Breakfast on Day 2 & 3

  • Vegetarian Lunch on Day 2 & 3 

  • Tea, coffee & healthy snacks available throughout **(please inform us of any dietary restrictions on your registration form)**

  • At least one innerdance experience session per day

  • Full program of intensive unlearning through the innerdance process & energy school frameworks

  • Future discounts for 1:1 sessions or facilitation courses


  • Comfy clothing you can move around in

  • Extra layers for warmth

  • Yoga mat

  • Shawl or small blanket

  • Journal and pen or colorful writing/drawing tools

  • Reusable water bottle

Soundscape Recordings

Participants will be given access to downloadable mp3 files for any soundscapes used during the experience sessions or recorded live during the retreat.


(For an additional fee)

We are able to help coordinate with participants to reach the retreat venue for an additional fee.  These fees differ depending on the pick-up/drop-off locations being organized.  Individual transportation costs will depend on total number of participants requesting transportation assistance. 


We will have one option for a van transfer leaving from NYC early Friday morning with return transfer to NYC on Sunday night.  For those who prefer to take a train from NYC, our pick up point is Middletown, NY.  For those who will be flying in, there are three options: NYC (meet us at the van pick up point), Stewart International Airport (SWF) or Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM). 


We will only be able to coordinate ONE pick-up/drop-off time at each location.  We cannot guarantee transportation to/from the airports will synchronize with your flight arrivals/departures.  If you are flying, you may need to plan for additional accommodations near the airport or anticipate renting your own transportation.


If you are requesting transportation assistance, please coordinate with us AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance to confirm availability.

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