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Hi, my name is Serena.  I've been connecting with the world through innerdance since mid 2012.  It's been nearly a decade of co-creativity and partnership in this work at many levels of experience and being.  Learning together what it means to find equality in our planetary relations that also traverse the cosmos.

Being in my heart, living life with this energy, is a constant dance.  It never had a name, it was often indescribable - but it was always there.  When I consciously remember the energy re-entering my body for the first time, I was 5 years old.  It birthed itself into wakeful consciousness through waves of spirit and soul connection, and a vibratory bridging of many lifetimes with this present one.  This energy is very, very old.  In the past, and at moments of profound awakening known throughout our planet's long history, the energy may have been deemed magic, kundalini, holy spirit, spontaneous trance, or plant-body consciousness.  Perhaps millions of people around the world still use other names or words to describe or relate to this surge of awakening and illumination that moves them when they realize it for the first time.  I know of many who share such stories in their personal mythologies.  In our world today, innerdance is a refuge for common languaging that unifies personal parts and allows space for shared expressions of the whole.

Before my collaborations with innerdance, I was using a variety of other techniques to convey information about energy, collective consciousness, brain activity, medicine, ecology, and the deep history of our being through mandalic and omnicentric patterns and relationships between parts and whole.  For a long time, I had found a tangible outlet in teaching.  I worked with thousands of children and young adults from all over the world before shifting towards energy school as an interpretation of innerdance.  Intuitively working with the body and energy fields came naturally because there was always an intimate connection with nature, animals, the elements and the languages of spirit and collective consciousness in any number of different forms.  It's been a journey of lifetimes, meeting with this dynamic energy we now call innerdance and weaving harmony throughout its translations and ability to transform.  Today, everything from the farthest cosmic reaches to the deepest of heart-earth energies merge together as one dance - the Dance of Infinity.

What has always been known throughout is that the consciousness of transformation, expansion, and awakened growth belongs to the planet herself - the Mother energy.  There's a primordial essence of spirit that's always moving through the collective in auspicious alignments and profound moments of breaking and breaking through.  Knowing we are all connected brings about a certainty that through any disconnects, misalignments or dissonance, there is a truth, a middle way, and a resonance of heart (blood), mind (brain), and life force flow (breath), circulating and pulsing within us all.  A strength to continue and a love that is more powerful than any lingering codes or patterns from the past.  It's definitely the time for us to see and feel each other through an interrelationality that expands to reach all.

Innerdance has brought about a specific bridging of elements within the communication between spirit and human that needed space to ground.  Through the catalyst of spirit's embodied spark many have been inspired to take the risk and journey within to experience Self, Other, the Parts and the Whole.  It's all there.  It's all One Story.

The various mirrors, versions, stories, and connections that each of us hold in our hearts and remember for ourselves is, how we relate this to the Potential of Now.  How we evolve, grow, change, allow, accept, and transform.  It's a time for all forms to come into flow.  For the conceptual and the creative to harmonize and weave a new balance into the symphony of our times.  In this, innerdance is a key - a threshold or gateway to more meaningful experiences and an acceleration of expanded growth.  Be it for Your Self.  Become it for Each Other.  Remember it for the Infinity of All.

In early 2017, Serena was introduced to the use of DJ apps.  Soon thereafter, the innerdance playlists began to rapidly change. She explains these evolutions as "fractal leaps in sound creation", already happening several times since inception.  After more than 4 years of creating Live DJ tracks for innerdance experience sessions, her unique soundscapes are now being used around the world for sessions, festivals, and sola journeys by experienced innerdance facilitators and beginners alike.   Today, these creations also come to life with 8D technology.  Her recent works study sound and deep listening through the connections between vibratory code and internal response known to permeate the field during innerdance.

In her life path, Serena has forged a deep alliance with self-healing and Transformation Medicine as a bridge between spirit and body while working through the psychologies of the mind.  She's the Executive Director for the Self Health Empowerment Movement (SHEM) and focuses on the Key of 7 with the Mandala as a framework for pattern-based thinking and circadian remembrance. She shares her knowledge and wisdom of medicine, health and compassionate being to empathically connect with humans across the planet as we all undergo stages of transformation and growth through uncertain times.  

Serena is also a yoga teacher, wholeness & reiki practitioner, Global Ecovillage Network ambassador, and life systems coach.  She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Culture and Communication and a minor in Graphic Design and Technology. 

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