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Innerdance Facilitation Course & Retreat

Origins & Ancient Futures

In-Person Facilitation Course

Barmolloch farm,
Kilmichael Glen,

4 - 11 MAY, 2024

In the innerdance, intentions towards harmonic resonance create space for reflexive observation, heightened awareness and regenerative states of Wholeness. 


The innerdance provides a safe space for curious exploration, deep inquiry, insight, and profound shifts in awareness both internally and externally.  For all who choose to courageously lay down, close their eyes and trust, this process offers an intimate and collective experience both for the innermost depths of the soul and the furthest reaches of human consciousness.


65Hr Facilitation COURSE


Origins & Ancient Futures will be held 4-11 May, 2024 in Kilmichael Glen, Scotland at Barmolloch Farm.  The Farm is built on a ley line and sits in an ancient glen of standing stones and 5000 year old tombs.

Secluded in wild nature, this is the perfect spot for a deep immersion into the innerdance process.  This 8-day journey is both an intensive learning and self-transformation experience.  

Through both direct knowledge and experiential learning, this event invites participants to inquisitively think, holistically feel, and alchemically become one.  Activate and remember the innate healing capacity within each and every one of us. 

This course is for anyone who is:

  • new to the innerdance and curious to learn more about the process and/or facilitation,

  • already experienced with the innerdance and would like to journey deeper into the work,

  • interested to incorporate this work with other practices, skills, modalities or professions,

  • interested to include innerdance frameworks when facilitating workshops, retreats or immersions.

Through the Foundations of Energy School, Principles of Facilitation, and a practical approach to the Innerdance Playlists, participants gain a fundamental understanding of the innerdance process and basic skills to facilitate online or in-person.  There is no requirement to begin facilitating after the completion of this course; participants are welcome to join for personal growth and development or the possibility of holding sessions at a later date in time.

Journey through dream states, psychedelics, near death experiences, kundalini awakening, life regression, birth visions and so much more.  We invite you to a shared space of trust, vulnerability, and transformation. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to initiate deep healing and accelerated growth.


Participants will learn about brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness. Tap into sounds and instruments that subconsciously alter our perceptions, interpretations, and fields of resonance. Explore sound, musical inclinations and playlist creation to gain a greater awareness of the effects of sound vibrations beyond our ears.


Origins and Ancient Futures

The history of intelligent life on planet earth is, likely, much older than what is currently dated as factual today. Although ancient knowledge, wisdom, ceremony and technology may not be readily accessible to modern humans, in any external forms, fragments of the older worlds are constantly breathing life into all our present day stories. Through trace and charge, the continuum between what is Past and what is Future is anchored here in the Now. Infinite spaciousness in a timeless place called Presence. In the innerdance, consciousness often moves between various forms of life regression, circumnavigating a common source of life. Each phenomenal recollection engages the human experience through a spectrum of omnicentric possibilities and origin points. The existential questions that become us, as we tap into and remember the subtle forces that have shaped our evolution and survival, move our bodies, our physical forms, and the vast network of electrical signals and responses tethered to our DNA. In moments like this, Presence is a bridge between the Ancient and the Future. It activates the subtle languages of our origins and points to an interconnected grid of relationships between all things. Remember the Future, become the Ancient.


Humans currently face a vulnerable present and a fragile, indeterminable future. What do we choose, how do we choose it, and when? According to Newton's third law of motion, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In the motions and movements of consciousness, actions and reactions occur paradoxically both within and with-all. Who and what are we? What is the Authentic Intelligence within that is One with the Divine Intelligence with-all? How are we both 'alone' and 'all-one'? When the intention behind the action is resonant and harmonic, reactions amplify actions in backwards causality. At an individual level, movements within consciousness require patience and dedicated space for integration. At a collective level, personal integration and insight paves the path for greater global stabilization within the Cosmic Whole. The next years ahead define a critical window in the evolution of consciousness when non-linear spaciousness and the foundations of linear time converge in conversation. In this waking dreamworld of signs, symbols, synchronicity and infinite potential, what will emerge in dialogue?



Serena Olsen

​​Over the past decade, Serena Olsen has helped catalyze and develop innerdance as a process, language and globally growing community.  She is one of the most experienced global facilitators of this work and is able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the innerdance through Energy School, soundscape creations, experiential wisdom and in-depth scientific knowledge.  Read more

Vida Belsher

Vida is an extremely passionate Family Constellations Therapist, and is dedicated to working deeply with the Ancestral Line to bring healing, honour and balance, for the personal and the Collective. Many events and emotions are hidden in the shadows, and Vida works intently to show what is unseen, so we can give it place and honour, without judgement. She has previously held specific events focusing on Abortion and Miscarriage, The Mother Wound, Masculine/Feminine Energy Balancing, and is now moving in to working on larger, Collective issues. She combines this work with other modalities such as Sister Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Abdominal Detox Massage, Womb Clearing, Tantric Yoni Massage, Reiki, and more recently Innerdance, after training with Serena in 2019. Vida spends most of her time between her Native Scotland, Thailand and Australia. The last few years were a pilgrimage of deep ancestral connection to the sacred and energetic sites around Scotland and Europe. Working with ancient Stone Circles, Ley Lines, and Sacred Geometry Meditation, she has woven a new story... which starts with the old one.


By looking at energy concepts through a variety of lenses including neurology, physiology, behavioral & social sciences, ecology, and quantum physics, alongside more philosophical approaches including epistemology, metaphysics, and communication studies, the Energy School is designed to both dismantle and rebuild internalized perspectives on life towards a more unified whole. It supports a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, each other and our world through embedded wisdom and a deeper understanding of Wholeness Systems.  Through both direct knowledge and experiential learning, the Energy School process invites participants to inquisitively think, holistically feel and alchemically become one. Energy School empowers participants to activate and remember the innate healing capacity within each and every one of us.


Innerdance is a profound, energy intensive and often life changing experience. Immersions connect participants to collective, planetary and galactic energies as well as the deeply personal energies of our unique inner worlds. The innerdance process is NOT a workshop! Immersions incorporate concepts and understandings from the Energy School frameworks and introduce participants to the innerdance experience through potent sound journeys, dialogues and intimate sharing circles. Immersions offer a shared space for trust, vulnerability, and transformation to all who attend. These processes are not for the faint of heart or those just looking to scratch the surface of their inner being. When we trust the process, innerdance has a powerful ability to catalyze deep healing and accelerated growth. Immersions are a co-creative process between those laying down and those offering energy support in the room. Energy support can be physical touch, instrumental sounds, words and vocals, or other non-physical forms of connection. The co-facilitators of each immersion have attended various energy school and training processes, are passionate about the work and eager to share in the magic and phenomena we have come to know as innerdance.



Singing bowls, rattles, bells and other instruments merge with electronic sounds and beats. These sounds echo at cellular levels, allowing deep healing and transformation. The body cleanses emotionally, psychologically and subconsciously, as old information rises to the surface, ready to be released. This experience catalyses inner exploration, identification, deconstruction of illusions, and unraveling of conditions.

Participants will learn about brainwaves, circadian rhythms, and vibrational frequencies that shift our moods and states of consciousness.  Tap into sounds and instruments that subconsciously alter our perceptions, interpretations, and fields of resonance.  Participants will explore sound, musical inclinations and playlist creation to gain a greater awareness of the effects of sound vibrations beyond our ears.



About the Venue

Barmolloch Farm

A holistic centre and eco-friendly venue for wellness courses & retreats on Scotland’s West Coast


Barmolloch is just 2 hours from Glasgow, situated halfway along Kilmichael Glen in magical Mid-Argyll, Scotland. This beautiful sanctuary for healing is hugged by nature, on beautiful grounds with a biodynamic smallholding and ancient woodlands nearby.



energy exchanges
What's Included


Saturday, 4 May

5 - 7 MAY

Wednesday, 8 May

9 & 10 May

Saturday, 11 May

Full Price - £1350

Early Bird - £1150

until 15 Feb 2024

Payment plans are available
Deposit £350 to secure a spot


If you are in need of economic support, please contact us for alternative payment options.  For more information please email us

Avoiding online transaction fees:

To avoid the 3.5% online transaction fee, we can also accept Venmo, Wise transfer, or direct bank tranfer.  Please choose MANUAL PAYMENT at checkout to register without any payment today.  We will contact you for alternative payment options or direct bank transfer.

For registration assistance, additional course information, online payments, questions or general concerns, please contact:

4th May - Arrival Day (exact times are TBD)

3pm - Greetings & Introductions

5pm - Dinner

6:30pm - Group Experience Session

8.30pm - Optional hot tub and fire pit

Energy School Frameworks

Lower Chakras (Red, Orange & Yellow)


Partner Sessions

Immersive Group Experience Sessions

Nature Day

Heart Chakra

Music, Circadian Rhythms & Psychoacoustics

Innerdance Wave

Upper Chakras (Blue & Indigo)

Partner Sessions

Immersive Group Experience Sessions

Departure Day

Crown Chakra & Wholeness Systems

Closing Circle


  • Twin shared rooms in cozy cottages at the farm

  • Healthy lunch & dinner of organic food grown on the farm   

**Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or needs**

  • Tea, coffee & simple breakfast foods in each cottage

  • Optional cold water swimming and breathwork

  • Wood-fired hot tub and fire pit available each evening

  • Nature Walks

  • Trip to Kilmichael Glen Standing Stones and Tombs


All participants will receive access to a shared group chat and online networking platform for questions, feedback, and continued community support.

Participants will also receive unlimited access* to an extensive library of online resources for innerdance and energy school, including videos, audio recordings, playlists & soundscapes, literature & media, and other relevant materials for continued growth and learning.

*Requires registering a personal account on the innerdance trust website to access online course materials

The closest airport is Glasgow Airport. If you are not local and need assistance to reach the venue, please get in touch and we will help you.

For venue information please check Barmolloch Farm - Sanctuary for Healing

For more information in Scotland, location/transportation questions and retreat support, please contact:

Vida Belsher

FB: @vidahealing1111 

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