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Ressources et matériaux

Au fil des ans, l'innerdance n'a cessé d'évoluer et de grandir. Nous avons maintenant une communauté internationale de milliers de personnes du monde entier qui ont fait confiance au processus et se sont rendus à des états supérieurs de connexion, de conscience et de flux d'énergie. La participation se présente sous de nombreuses formes, des sessions, des expériences, des immersions et des formations, aux ateliers, festivals et rassemblements, l'école de l'énergie et les projets communautaires en ligne comme

Deep Story et les synchronisations globales à distance .

Certains qui suivent le processus depuis de nombreuses années et d'autres qui ont récemment consacré du temps et de l'énergie à des collaborations et à des événements co-créatifs contribuent grandement au collectif de travail, de matériaux, de ressources et d'offres open source partagés.

Les ressources et documents suivants ne constituent pas une liste exhaustive. Cela ne représente qu'une partie des nombreuses créations d'innerdance variées qui ont circulé au fil des ans. Si vous recherchez quelque chose de spécifique, si vous avez des questions sur tout ce que vous trouvez ici ou si vous souhaitez plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à NOUS CONTACTER .

Les participants à ce processus expriment souvent leurs pensées, leurs sentiments et leurs expériences dans l'écriture, la poésie, les dessins, l'art, les vidéos, etc. Bien que de tels partages ne soient pas répertoriés ici en tant que ressource, il peut être très utile de lire les mots d'un participant ou d'un animateur lors de la découverte ou de l'apprentissage. Les discussions communautaires et les dialogues en ligne sont encouragés en tant qu'exploration de nos mondes intérieurs et de la conscience qui découle de notre voyage collectif. Visitez notre page Communauté pour plus d'informations. CLIQUEZ ICI


Qu'est-ce que l'innerdance ?
Collection de vidéos

What is Innerdance?  A 2020 re-introduction to the globally evolving process

What is Innerdance? A 2020 re-introduction to the globally evolving process

This is a longer video re-introducing the innerdance process as it continues to evolve and grow. The innerdance is both a process and a consciousness. It is also a global community. Beyond an understanding of innerdance as a modality or practice, innerdance is a language. It connects us to ways of life, ways of being, and processes for change, growth, and expanded consciousness. If you didn't have to do anything, what would you be? What would you become? How would you remember yourself more fully? How would you find yourself WHOLE? There are no answers - only infinite possibilities The innerdance is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway or portal towards healing and a deeper understanding of who and what we are. Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness. Basic and individual sessions can be as simple as finding a playlist, laying down, closing the eyes and trusting the process. In more advanced group sessions, electronic playlists, live instruments, sound toys and voice combine to create an incredibly immersive sound journeying experience. For the last 8 years, Serena Olsen has been a global facilitator and trainer of innerdance processes worldwide. Serena's work weaves innerdance beyond a modality or practice and integrates it as a way of life. She has supported the birth and sustainability of several innerdance communities in various parts of Asia and the Americas and has worked with thousands of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Her progressive approach to sound creation has catalyzed a new wave of innerdance listening - soundscape journeying experiences available to everyone - whether at home, with friends, in group sessions, festivals, trainings or online community gatherings. Find out more: Credit for video clips: Stefanie Lira - Innerdance Koh Phangan Callie Sorenson - Innerdance Americas Sheli Shahadan - Innerdance Malaysia (A New Earth) Pi Villaraza - Innerdance Founder
Inner Palawan

Inner Palawan

The first Inner Dance teacher's training held this year, though, spontaneous, essentially elaborates what our year in Palawan and our travels will be like in 2012. Given that Maia Earth Village sustains itself as an intentional raw food, gardening and healing community, we feel ourselves coming into purer, relentless service to others. The training is called as it is, though it is actually not something you learn, but rather, remember. The remembrance of sacred movement and kundalini energy, though not essentially a cognitive affair, is nonetheless, a Conscious process. It is one thing to experience inner dance. To awaken to it with a clear understanding of how and why it happens within emotional, psychological, physiological frameworks does not subtract the intense magic awakening process holds for those who are familiar with essential surrendering of the ego to that much bigger space we call the subconscious. We will likely be directing the bulk of our waking existence this year to the delivery of inner dance as an experiential and as a cognitive process this year. We will be giving courses in Asia, in various parts of the Philippines and regularly in Maia Earth Village in Palawan. Alongside many others who are becoming very adept at the workings of awakening process from a genuine self-initiatory standpoint. We are the Universe. It is so simple. Science itself has proven it. We are made of the sterner stuff of stars. We know that, but to experience it is what we are searching for. It is not that difficult. We merely need to come to an agreement with the part of us that folds the universe up as our minds and our bodies - our egos. The science, art and spirit behind it is not complex. It is applicable to healing, nutrition, psychology, social dimensions, and even the economy.To harness our internal energies effectively, yet straightforwardly and within absolute simplicity is conceivably more practical that the daily grind people often submit to, but do not have to granting we base our everyday decisions on the actual energetic movement of the universe. We do not have to keep consuming external energy (which takes tremendous corresponding internal life force to digest) to sustain ourselves and our families. We merely need to conserve what's already inside us, and to convert what can be shifted from trapped tension in our minds and bodies into the very power we can use to fulfill our highest potentials as love and light-filled beings. This year, group coursework will be directed to parents (Conscious Birthing and Conscious Parenting), companies, LGU's, NGO's and schools that wish to come into an essential and vibratory balance. The Inner Dance in application to community organizing, conflict management, ecological transition initiatives, eco-village design, visioning process, and any other application real life might have to energy principles is called Maia Conscious Curriculum. Maia is a twelve-petaled mandala that observes life in its complexity through seven higher potentials within social and individual human experience. It's vision is to bring out the highest potential in all people. For more information on future activities, visit The next teacher training is in Makati on two weekends in February. You can also email the following addresses: Pi Villaraza - Daniw Arazola - Juanita Naidoo -