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Delta & Theta Waves

Delta & Theta Waves


A collection of (9) tracks each designed and produced in delta or theta frequencies. All tracks were created using a production style of recording and mixing. Tracks can be added to an innerdance playlist or listened to individually. The key of each track is labeled and can be used for Advanced Playlisting and custom sessions. These tracks are intended to create space for rest, relaxation, meditation, dreamstates and birthing experiences.


The following soundscapes are included with this collection:


*(9) Delta or Theta Wave Tracks

Delta Mantras - Key of B (24:05)

Delta Wave 1 - Key of F (14:53)

Delta Wave 2 - Key of F (17:11)

Delta Wave 3 - Key of D (14:04)

Theta Build 1 - Key of G (09:51)

Theta Build 2 - Key of E (09:39)

Liquid Flower Blooms - Key of C (07:57)

Bloom Bird Liquid - Key of B (25:08)

  • Specs

    Download is a .zip file with (7) .mp3 files in the unzipped folder.

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